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Perumahan Subsidi Di RAJEG TANGERANG Banten

Perumahan Subsidi Di RAJEG TANGERANG Banten

Program sejuta Rumah Untukk Rakyat

di SETU bekasi timur

Cicilan Mulai Dari Rp 803.000,- Perbulan ( 20 Th )
Rp. 963.500,- " ( 15 Th )
Rp. 1.299.500,- ( 10 Th )
Rumah Murah Subsidi di SETU bekasi Timur
(Setu) (Jl. Raya Setu, Bekasi)

Jl. Raya Setu, Bekasi.

Rp. 133,5 JT
Cicilan Rp.803,000,-Perbulan
KPR 20 TH.
Bunga Flat 5 % Subsidi

Gratis PPN : 10%

Hak Guna Bangunan

– Dekat dengan kawasan MM2100
– Akses jalur masuk lokasi bisa dari
Cileungsi, Cibitung, Bantar gebaNG

– Dekat Kecamatan Setu
– Dekat dengan pasar tradisional
Spesifikasi :
Pondasi : Batu Kali, Kolom – Cor Beton Bertulang,
Dinding : Batako Plester Luar dalam di Cat
Atap : Baja Ringan,
Kusen : Kayu Standar,


Total DP sampai Akad siap huni Rp 38,5.jt
Bisa cicil 4x bulan

Minat Serius Hub Langsung :

Sony Nurbai bb 765c743a
0813 140 230 17
0878 8363 5425

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Introduction to net two.0

Introduction to net two.0

Anyone United Nations agency needs to know net two.0 style should initial be

familiar with what net two.0 means. The phrase stands for the

supposed second generation of the net that focuses on

collaboration and sharing of knowledge among users.

What wont to be unidirectional highways of the recent net is currently
replaced by a community-driven world of net two.0.

The term net two.0 was initial utilized in 2004 throughout the O’Reilly
Media net two.0 conference. This recommended a modification on however
developers and users use the net.

Some of the items associated with net two.0 embody blogs, RSS
(really straightforward syndication) feeds, social bookmarking
websites and therefore the like.

All of them share the common factors of getting
interactivity and communication between the web site owner
and the guests, moreover as among the guests themselves.

The alleged net two.0 encompasses the rear and front of
websites. However, to the typical users, the changes square measure
most evident on what they really see and use on the
websites that they visit.

For example, for Ajax-based applications, what they see square measure
the change of knowledge on the page while not really
refreshing the complete page, that was the technique before.

Web 2.0 has created it doable to make a desktop
environment to websites. as an example, users of the past will
only sort their documents on their computers and were solely
able to share them to others by causation it through e-mail.

But with net two.0, users will currently produce their documents on
websites which provide that service and square measure ready to share
them to others by simply adding the e-mail addresses of
their friends. Such is that the case with Google Documents,
formerly called Writely, till Google nonheritable the

All in all, Web 2.0 has any enriched the web by
letting folks collaborate, creating the net into a real

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For SEO and Your Customers Web Design Jakarta

For SEO and Your Customers Web Design Jakarta

I Having an internet site isn't
guarantee you win
business competition, as a result of your competitors conjointly used a similar means. therefore what must you do?

Facts regarding the Zero Moment of Truth

The digital age makes info on the net becomes a very important reference within the lifetime of Homo sapiens sapiens. individuals use the net to search out out info a few ton of things, starting from events that have recently occurred, the foremost current trends, to see what things have to be compelled to be purchased.

We area unit cognizant of the development of the influence of the knowledge that was on the net. we tend to conjointly notice this development in daily life, even within the trivial although. one amongst them is a happening that happens in our workplace a while past.

One of our worker had simply came back to figure once a leave of absence. Not a lot of has modified from him, aside from his face that appearance completely different. Of course, this raises queries among alternative worker, "Put a replacement face cream? What brand? "

She blushed, the worker aforesaid a well known brands foreign cosmetics. What happened next? Hour lunch that day we tend to spent {the worker|the worker} to search out out regarding cosmetic product employed by associate employee United Nations agency had simply came back from the leave of absence.

They decide info regarding the merchandise, regarding the value, and reviews of beauty product. They conjointly begin to check with alternative product, before a number of them commit to purchase the merchandise in question.

This development is way completely different from what happened within the past. within the past, if you recognize your friend sporting a specific product, you may decide the knowledge from him, then came up to the counter or store that sells product and do "research" by reading a folder or details of their product, then commit to pip out.

Here could be a description of what happens once individuals build purchases within the past:


Stimulus: get info a few product or service, is from advertising, additionally because the recommendations of others.

First Moment of Truth: attend the shop and build a call to shop for or not

Second Moment of Truth: use product and glad

The process has modified lots now, the buyer is not any longer simply knowledgeable about what's referred to as the primary moment of truth and moment of truth because the description on top of.

In the epoch, customers conjointly acknowledge that named as Zero

Moment of Truth (ZMOT) as within the chart below:


Stimulus: individuals grasp the product / services of advertising and of advice

ZMOT: individuals decide things regarding the merchandise / service on the net

First Moment of Truth: to create a call to shop for or not

Second Moment of Truth: use product and glad

On the theme, we all know that ZMOT could be a amount {in that|during which|within which} potential customers use the net to search out out info on which to base a call to create the acquisition.

Not solely that, customers United Nations agency ultimately use the merchandise or service can offer feedback within the type of a review or a standing in social media may eventually become a supply of

ZMOT for alternative potential customers United Nations agency area unit longing for info regarding the merchandise.

How necessary is ZMOT? {consider|think regarding|contemplate|take into account} the subsequent facts about what number individuals area unit looking info on the net before buying:

Source: TNS feminine Shoppers Study, Q4 2012. QD2c: Role of analysis (n = 8004). All markets, categories. supported last purchases.

From this information, it is seen that fifty four of customers in Republic of Indonesia to look info on the net before deciding to shop for.

Thus it's clear that if a product or service that we've not been on the net, we are going to lose over half potential customers.

The easiest thanks to "be on the internet" is to own an internet site. However, whether or not to form an internet site alone is enough? the solution is NO! Why? Having an internet site doesn't guarantee you winning business competition, as a result of your competitors conjointly used a similar means. therefore what must you do?

1. Watch Your web site Content

Why continually content to be highlighted? as a result of your customers area unit human! Prospective customers area unit those United Nations agency pays attention to each detail of your content before creating a call to buy or not.

"Make it a horny website for net users, not for search engines. don't deceive guests by displaying completely different content from those in search results "(Google Expert)

If your content is unhealthy, then that ought to ZMOT is that the Zero Moment of Truth may change into Zonk Moment of Truth that may herald customers even build them run away. United Nations agency desires to shop for the product oversubscribed on the web site with content in shambles? You want? in fact not!

Moreover, it seems smart content is additionally smart for SEO and improve your rankings on the search page.

"If nobody is curious about visiting your web site, then

search engines can ignore the existence of your website! "

The result can return to you again: if smart content
 many of us United Nations agency can visit
 smart SEO your web site rank high
 easier to search out many of us United Nations agency are going to be visiting. Voila! it is a nice chance to draw in potential customers!

"In search technology, 2 things area unit important: association

(Relevance) and the way necessary the content! "

So a way to order your content brightly within the eyes of potential customers and smart for SEO?

a. Your content ought to be fascinating and leave an effect. in addition, you would like to form content that creates your web site guests interested to convey what you write to some other person. it'd be nice for SEO and sales. Remember! nobody

share info tedious. So, avoid menampilakn content makes individuals tired.
b. Your content should be relevant alias related to your product, related
with your prospect.

c. Your content ought to be necessary to grasp. additionally, note conjointly that the content of your prospective customers have created higher decisions? area unit entertain? Do build your customers share that info with others?

2. build the primary five Seconds of nice value

"Visitors to {the web site|the web site} solely have regarding five seconds to see whether or not they can leave your website or not"

The first 5 seconds could be a crucial time to draw in the eye of tourists. Then, certify the intent or focus of your web site is seen by guests to your web site
in just the primary 5 seconds solely.

If among five seconds, guests don't perceive what you supply, likelihood is they'll leave your web site.

Whether in five seconds you'll decide what the main target of this website? what's offered? area unit you curious about doing a transaction?

Compare this with the instance of those 2 websites:

Which is less complicated to know its contents in only five seconds? What area unit samples of the primary or the second website?

Let's compare. Of election web site name, Overseas Zone remains not too sturdy as a result of individuals don't right away grasp what's being offered. aforesaid overseas so refers to the sense of "abroad", however what share of individuals United Nations agency grasp what it means? however were cognizant of what this web site needs to offer?

While the quantity 2 within the example web site, name already incontestable that this web site contains a book. what is more, from a banner that reads "Book Festival" and therefore the images below the duvet of the book clearly states that the web site mercantilism books.

"The a lot of acquainted we tend to area unit with one thing, the better we'd adore it. sure this is often simply the result of whether or not or not one thing simply understood "(Zajonc, 1968)

Try to note the 2 examples below web site. each sell tie. However, the choice of colours and conjointly the layout within the web site, the samples of websites that left becomes easier to know than the instance on the proper.

Of course, the look of {the we tend tobsite|the web site} that the left is that we advocate for your web site. particularly if you merely have five seconds to draw in the eye of potential customers before they commit to leave your web site as a result of it confused what specifically does one have to be compelled to supply (as within the example on top of web site on the right).

Let's recollect samples web site. Apparently, additionally to failing to introduce the service within the 1st five seconds, the web site is additionally less keen in selecting words. contemplate the subsequent passage:

The search field seems at the highest of the web site

Visitors to {the web site|the web site} United Nations agency still don't perceive what's truly offered by this website are going to be a lot of confused as a result of suddenly have to be compelled to opt for a course. Course fuck
is the point?

hit and fewer personal.

In addition, the words "Select Classes" within the search field is a smaller amount

Compare if the writing is replaced with, "Want to continue their education abroad? notice your education here!
Other errors that exist on the web site during this section:

This section conjointly seem on the primary page. what's your impression?

Imagine you're the guests United Nations agency still don't grasp what specifically this web site service (because they didn't offer any info concerning their services at the beginning) then suddenly you're bestowed with their service at an incredible value, tens and even many millions. with none clarification on what area unit the parts of those prices.

What would you do? Most of you may right away run away while not wasting lots of your time.

Therefore, though this web site victimisation optimisation systems to the most however is just able to turn out alittle conversion. Why? owing to a blunder created within the creation of internet sites that law the primary five seconds. once the primary 5 seconds, most guests tend to run removed from this web site while not conducting any transactions.

Web Design Jakarta

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Website style that may Improve Its Usability

Website style that may Improve Its Usability

Internet users encounter a website’s usability before they even have determined to use it and a lot of therefore before they create up their minds on probable purchases. A fact is, the planet Wide internet is that the supreme setting for management, wherever the one UN agency is clicking the mouse controls everything.

Search engine selling is vital as typically guests utilize search engines so as to get your web site. but once they reach your website, they ought to be ready to use your website with ease and perceive its content.
Research shows that of forty three million web websites, solely forty two % square measure found to be usable.

Evidently, a serious live of web site success is its effectiveness in changing leads into patrons.  However, recent studies show that fifty % of web site sales square measure wasted attributable to the very fact that guests cannot find the content that they need; this results in reduced internet productivity, exaggerated traveller frustration, wasted traveller time moreover as loss of visitor’s repeat visits then loss of web site cash.

Studies done by usability specialists estimates that by up your visitors’ internet encounter, it will increase your patrons by concerning forty % and additionally will increase overall quantity of orders by ten %.

A fact is, web users don't prefer to wait, a lot of therefore learning the way to approach employing a laborious to navigate home page. people have to be compelled to simply perceive however an explicit web site functions forthwith once they need scanned the page.

Here square measure tips to boost your website’s usability:

Simple and clear internet navigation style

•    It should be set within the very same location on every page and in very same format, in order that your guests won't get annoyed and confused if links disappear and seem erratically.

•    Use appropriate text in your links. Your guests should understand wherever links can take them, through reading the text provided in your link.

•    Employ the utilization of CSS to relinquish stress on text links. 

•    Include invariably text links. detain mind that every page should have “text links” that links to any or all necessary components of the web site.

•    Include a “site logo” linking to your home page. typically website logos square measure settled at the top “left-hand” corner of the page, wherever most guests have the tendency to travel even before checking out the homepage link that sometimes is found in your navigation system.

•    Place a web site search box to assist your guests find quickly the data that they have.

Have an easy, authentic and clear content.

An attractive internet style little question attracts guests however sensible content is what keeps your guests on your website and evokes them to go to once more.

•    When you write your content, whereas it's necessary to think about search engines and keywords, additionally think about your guests and gift the content in an exceedingly manner that's simply comprehendible and to unravel their issues.

•    Create a lovely heading and every paragraph ought to provide appealing statements all the time.

•    Create a page content that's simple to scan and emphasize your most significant points with colours, daring letters or header tags.

Support your whole

A great whole strengthens your visitors’ impression or plan of your web site. A website that's branded powerfully imprints in your guests mind your merchandise anytime they are going “shopping”.

•    Keep typefaces and colours consistent. decide fonts and colours rigorously and systematically use them throughout the web site.

•    Keep your page layout constant. use the utilization of a “website template” so as to hold out an identical page structure.

•    Make a useful custom page error that may facilitate guests ought to they click on “a broken link” or enter Associate in Nursing incorrect URL.

Provide traveller feedback

Forms square measure essential to your ecommerce site’s success, as while not it, you'll not have your pushcart. And any website typically wants a kind for traveller feedback.

•    Keep them short and simply accessible, clearly noting what's needed so as to submit it with success.

•    Supply your complete contact details together with your fax range, business signaling, communicating address and your email address.

Test your web site before launching

•    Test to see if your web site hundreds with success altogether “browsers”.

•    Test all of your links and make sure that they're operating properly.

•    Look for and make sure that your web site is free from errors.

•    Search for grammatical errors and misspelled words and proper them if any.

•    Test your web site load times.

Web usability puts planning and designing primarily for your web site guests your high priority. Pembuatan Website that suffice to the expectations of its guests can have snug guests which will visit your site once more and once more and suggest it to friends.

example : Jasa Pembuatan Website

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Options for Website development

Options for Website development

Plenty of individuals are racking your brains on how to build his or her web site. Many people understand they require one particular. They've got an idea what exactly they need the item to look similar to. These people really know what they really want the website to accomplish. In many cases, many people even learn the particular website name they wish to employ. Even so the actual issue is actually: exactly where do i start? Who are able to build it for me? What’s the idea likely to cost?

Seeing that it turns out, there are numerous possibilities open. In reality, you'll find as much options available as you will discover internet sites on the internet. However a few get noticed as specifically good acknowledged that you think about. This information can examine several strategies for getting the internet site installed and operating. The truth is, you'll find many subcategories in each and every approach however this particular introduction ought to provide beneficial start to start off your own preparing.

The initial technique is also the most cost effective. You may use the particular Joomla CMS World-wide-web App Platform to develop your blog. Joomla can be an available origin task, which means it was developed by generally connected programmers world wide as well as it’s free to utilize. Yes, an individual go through this effectively. It’s for no extra charge proper to make use of. You only get this system in addition to do the installation on your server as well as you’re fine. There are many extension cables you can download along with set up, bettering your functionality of the site. The beauty on the system is that you can login whenever they want along with make modifications or even modifications to your website, alone. Joomla is often a highly effective written content supervision process and you can easily offered some sort of feature-rich website devoid of spending anything at all.

Your second tactic should be to coordinator your website which has a corporation that provides some sort of template-driven world wide web software framework of their unique. A lot more contains will provide programs like this and also they’re a fantastic selection with regard to non-tech-savvy individuals who wish to have a internet site upwards swiftly and then transform the idea whenever they including. Most of these platforms offer identical features to Joomla nonetheless they tend to be intuitive along with simpler to make use of. Fortunately they are staying improved routinely and also usually have some sort of consumer service collection at the same time. Though basic web hosting may possibly cost $10 monthly, the actual addition of these systems might raise your own price to be able to $20 or $30 each month.

The past approach we’ll go over in the following paragraphs could be the genuine selecting of an web designer to set your site in concert. This can be naturally essentially the most pricey alternative nonetheless it does include many specific rewards. To begin with, you are able to pattern the web site any way you prefer. You’re not really on a themes or perhaps structure options. You can apply whatever you including. It's also possible to incorporate tailor made performance Joomla or even this template-driven platforms don’t offer you. And in many cases, today’s designers can incorporate administrative back-ends so that you can alter content material once you like. There’s absolutely no problem you may get the Cadillac remedy which has a personalized world-wide-web programmer. The only downside is which it’ll amount to much more dollars.

You will discover many options We've not just mentioned. This post is supposed to obtain people began; offer you several essential types to take into consideration. Shop around as well as shop around. We simply ask you examine your affordable options just before creating your good investment. You could be stunned with the functionality available as a result of Joomla or maybe the particular systems provided by contains. They might do a definitely good task as well as will save you lots of money concurrently.To become more details just click here Jasa Pembuatan Website.

Alternatives Business for Website development

Alternatives Business for Website development

A great number of folks are considering develop his or her web site. These people understand needed 1. They’ve a concept precisely what they desire this to take a look including. They really know what they really want the site to perform. In many cases, that they possibly know the website name they need to employ. Even so the real dilemma is actually: where by do you start off? Who are able to build this to me? What’s that about to price?
Since as it happens, there are many different possibilities open. The truth is, there are as many possibilities open seeing that you will discover internet websites on the net. But a couple of get noticed as in particular great neared so that you can take into account. This information can evaluate a few tips for getting the website up and running. Actually, you will find plenty of subcategories inside every technique however this review ought to give you a beneficial begin to begin your setting up.
The first technique is also the most affordable. You should utilize the actual Joomla CMS Internet Application Construction to construct your site. Joomla can be an available origin challenge, meaning it absolutely was manufactured by loosely connected designers all over the world in addition to it’s liberal to utilize. Yes, you go through this properly. It’s for free proper make use of. You simply obtain the particular program as well as handle the installation on the server along with you’re fine. In addition there are many plug-ins you’ll be able to get in addition to set up, increasing the actual performance of the web page. The sweetness on the system can be that one could go browsing whenever you want and also create adjustments or changes aimed at your site, all by yourself. Joomla is a potent content managing system and swiftly organize a new feature-rich web site without having having to pay anything.
The other tactic should be to coordinator your blog that has a corporation that has a template-driven net application framework of their personal. A lot more contains are offering to you websites such as this along with they’re a fantastic solution for non-tech-savvy persons who would like to have a internet site in place speedily and then transform the item every time they just like. These kinds of platforms provide related features to Joomla nevertheless they tend to be perceptive as well as better to make use of. They’ve also been staying upgraded regularly along with most often have some sort of consumer help range likewise. Although simple internet hosting might expense $10 each month, your supplement of the websites could possibly enhance your own price tag in order to $20 or $30 per month.
A final strategy we’ll discuss in this posting may be the precise employing of the world-wide-web programmer to get your website in concert. This can be obviously essentially the most high priced choice but it does accompany some distinctive strengths. To begin with, you can pattern it however you prefer. You’re not on a themes or even design selections. You’re able to do anything you similar to. Also you can add custom made functionality Joomla or even your template-driven systems don’t provide. And in some cases, today’s designers can easily incorporate administrative back-ends so that you can transform content material when you including. There’s not any problem you can find the particular Cadillac treatment method with a personalized world-wide-web creator. Really the only problem is usually that will it’ll cost you much more dollars.
You can find lots of choices I’ve even if it’s just stated. This information is supposed for getting anyone began; supply you with several essential groups to think about. Shop around along with shop around. We only request which you consider your economical options before producing your current concluding decision. You may be surprised on the functionality obtainable by way of Joomla or perhaps the actual platforms proposed by contains. They will start a really nice employment along with you will save a small fortune at the same time.To become more details just click here Jasa Pembuatan Website.

Choices for Website development

Choices for Website development

Countless people are trying to figure out how to build their website. They recognize they desire a single. They've got a perception just what they demand it to look including. These people understand what they desire the site to do. In many cases, many people perhaps know the domain name they want to work with. Nevertheless the genuine dilemma is actually: where will i begin? Who is going to construct that for me personally? What’s that about to price?

Because as it happens, there are many possibilities open. The truth is, there are as many possibilities because you will find web sites via the internet. Although a couple of stand out as particularly great greeted for you to look at. This information will review 3 approaches for helping your website up and running. The truth is, there are countless subcategories inside of each and every method although that review ought to provide excellent will start off the organizing.

The first approach can also be the most affordable. You need to use the particular Joomla CMS World wide web Request Framework to build your blog. Joomla is definitely an available supply undertaking, which means it turned out produced by generally related coders around the globe in addition to it’s liberal to make use of. Indeed, a person study it the right way. It’s totally free for anyone make use of. You merely down load the actual software and handle the installation on your server and you’re good to go. In addition there are plenty of extension cords you are able to download and also install, boosting this functionality of your web page. The beauty with the system will be that you could go browsing anytime in addition to make changes or modifications internet, all by yourself. Joomla is often a effective content material management process and you'll easily organize any feature-rich site without having forking over a cent.

The second tactic should be to sponsor your internet site with a company that offers some sort of template-driven world wide web program composition in their personal. Increasingly more serves will provide platforms this way and also they’re a great choice regarding non-tech-savvy people who would like to receive a website upwards rapidly and also adjust the item every time they including. These kinds of systems present comparable functionality to help Joomla they tend to be intuitive in addition to better to employ. They are also currently being upgraded on a regular basis and also normally have some sort of user help brand as well. Whilst basic web hosting may cost $10 every month, this add-on of the platforms may possibly increase your charge to $20 or $30 each month.

The past method we’ll examine in this post will be the true selecting of your net developer that will put your internet site with each other. This really is certainly probably the most expensive selection nevertheless it really does come with many distinctive rewards. For starters, you possibly can design and style your website however you enjoy. You’re not limited by templates or perhaps design options. You're able to do whatever you similar to. Also you can incorporate personalized efficiency Joomla as well as this template-driven websites don’t offer. And in some cases, today’s programmers can integrate management back-ends to help you adjust information while you including. There’s absolutely no query you will get this Cadillac therapy which has a customized net builder. The only negative aspect is usually of which it’ll run you extra money.

You'll find lots of alternatives We have not even pointed out. This article is intended to have you began; provide you with several essential classes to take into account. Browse around as well as do your research. My partner and i only ask that you just check out the particular low-cost selections prior to generating your current concluding decision. You will be astonished with the performance available via Joomla or even the particular programs provided by serves. They can perform a definitely pleasant employment along with could save you a small fortune concurrently.To become more details just click here Jasa Pembuatan Website Murah​​.