Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Riddance, 2008!

I hope you rot in the dustbin of history where you belong.
Predictions for 2009

It is that time of the year again where we stand on the precipice of the abyss that is a brand new year. The best part is 2009 promises to be even more abysmal than 2008, assuming that is possible. If you do not believe me, check out my predictions for the upcoming year:

1. The economy will remain the dumps all throughout 2009.

2. Partly because of the bad economy and partly because some journalists will tire of the fawning attitude of their profession towards him, the honeymoon between Barack Obama and the press will be gone by the spring.

3. It may be thwarted by Homeland Security, but we will at the very least learn there was a significant terrorist attack planned for US soil in order to test Obama. If fortune smiles upon us, the act will not come to pass.

4. Obama’s days in Chicago—probably Tony Rezko—will haunt Obama just like the Arkansas days haunted Bill Clinton.

5. Caroline Kennedy will not replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate.

6. George W. Bush will quietly retire to Dallas and be forgotten by all accept the most hardcore liberals who want to try him for war crimes.

7. The press will continue to brutalize Sarah Palin as it becomes more obvious her grassroots appeal is growing for a 2012 presidential bid.

8. Gay marriage will be instituted in California.

9. In an unrelated note, Tony Romo will marry Jessica Simpson, probably because she is pregnant.

10. The New York Yankees might make the playoffs with all their new, expensive acquisitions, but they will eventually lose out to the Boston Red Sox and their superior farm team.

11. J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek remake will be the biggest hit of the year.

12. Network television will remain on life support Jay Leno five nights a week will not be a huge hit.

13. It will be a lousy year for rock and roll…again.

14. Paterson Joseph will be announced as the Eleventh Doctor.

15. I will continue to cynically chronicle the downfall of Western Civilization.
The Blago/Reid Comedy of Errors

The only reason this whole Senate Seat for Sale scandal in Illinois amuses me is because of the guy at the heart of it. Not Barack Obama. I could not care less about him. I am talking about Rod Blagojevich (”Blago” from here on out.) and the inherent entertainment value surrounding him. The guy is a hoot and a half. It is not just because his hair reminds me of one of those LEGO men I used to play with as a kid or how he thinks he is the J. R. Ewing of politics. I like how he knows which buttons to push and jabs them like a crack addicted chimp anticipating his next high.

Check this out: Blago is an indicted criminal even though he is still governor. The indictment had to be rushed because the Chicago Tribune was about to blow the story he was being taped by the feeds trying to sell his good buddy, who nevertheless snubbed him for a higher job, Obama’s vacated Senate seat. Regardless of all that mess, Blago still has the right to appoint a Senator, which upset Illinois Democrats enough for them to run to the courts to have them stop him. The judiciary declined, saying Blago has every right as governor to make the appointment.

Enter Senate majority Leader Harry Reid, who does not want the Senate to become anymore of a laughingstock than it already is. Seriously, folks—Sen. Al Franken. Need I say more? Reid announces the senate will refuse ti sit anyone Blago appoints out of some general principle or another. As much of a general principle as Reid can muster, at any rate. He sold out pretty much all his principles to the Democratic elite in order to become Majority Leader.

But reid has a problem that goes beyond the fact the Senate has to have a legitimate reason to refuse to seat a senator. The previous occupant, Obama, was black. There are no blacks currently in the Senate since Obama went off to run for president two minutes after he was elected to the seat in the first place. Democrats are obsessed with race and racial equality. They have quotas to fill. So if a black mn previously held the seat, then a black (wo)man must replace him. Hence, Jesse Jackson jr., who like his father never passes up a TV camera or opportunity, offered $ 1 million for the seat.

But never mind that. For all Blago’s money grubbing, Blago likes tweaking people just as much. Knowing the racial dynamics of the situation, he appointed Roland Burris to the Senate. As it turns out, the Secretary of State will not certify Burris, so Reid has dodged a bullet, but you can bethe is still sweating bullets now that the race card has been played and Blago is ready,willing, andable to make a few more moves before it is all over.

As for me, I am loving every minute of it.
Jessica Alba

I had an internal debate over who I should feature for the last day of 2008. I did not actually debate myself out loud, so do not worry. I have not completely lost my mind…yet. But give me time.

You see, 2008 has been an incredibly rotten year. It started with me having surgery to repair some lingering issues from The Hernia That Would Not Heal from 2006 and all the lovely trappings that went along with it. I cannot complain about the speedy recovery because I bounced back a lot faster than anyone thought. But the truth is, the recovery was also a revelation. I felt old after surgery. Old as in weary. The feeling has not changed here some eleven months later.

Bah. That is a discussion for later and maybe never. For right not, the point is the year should end on something good. So here is Jessica Alba in a bikini. I have to confess little more than a passing interest in Alba. She is hot, but just not quite worthy of the fuss guys make over her. I feel the same way about Scarlett Johansson, so maybe I am just weird. Or old. We have already established I feel that way.

Enjoy Jessica Alba on the last day of the terribly awful year that was 2008.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vacation Daze

This needs to be said. I think it is fine that Barack Obama, while on vacation, is deferring He is still the president-elect. For all intents and purposes, he is a private citizen. he is no longer even a senator. This is why I did not join in the conservative blogosphere's snickering at his silent reception at the Marine base in Hawaii. he is not their commander-in-chief yet. Why should they get excited?

However, with the Middle east about to boil over with the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and India and Pakistan on the verge of conflict themselves, it would not be such a bad idea for George w. Bush to interrupt his vacation a bit to deal with the matters. He has less than a month to go until getting a permanent vacation, so you would think he could make the sacrifice. I guess not.

The sad part is, in spite of my defense above, I suspect Obama will be very bit as aloof and lackadaisical went it becomes his turn. He has already demonstrated an ambivalence to events that interfere with his good time.
Blago Appoints Roland Burris to Senate

Neither Harry Reid nor the Illinois Secretary of State will seat him.
Cynthia McKinney Heads to Gaza

When we last saw our intrepid, lithium deprived hero, she was bravely running for president on the claim the National Guard had killed 5,000 black men in post-Katrina New Orleans in spite of there not being a scintilla of evidence to support it. Ah, but ‘tis not the first time Cynthia Mckinney has been ahead of the curve, seeing things others are blind to and, more importantly, hearing all those little voices telling her to go save France that we all miss. You may recall she was a big advocate of the Bush Administration having advanced knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and doing nothing to prevent. Why the Bush administration would do this is irrelevant. McKinney is a visionary. Details are for lesser mortals to come up with.

So what is McKinney up to now? Ever the humanitarian, yesterday, she set sail from Cyprus to challenge the Israeli naval blockade and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza:
A group of international activists said Monday it would try to defy an Israeli naval blockade and send a boat with medical supplies to war-hit Gaza from Cyprus.

Free Gaza Group spokeswoman Caoimhe Butterly said their 66-foot (20-meter) yacht Dignity will leave Larnaca port around 5 p.m. (1400GMT) Monday with 3.5 tons of donated supplies.

She said the yacht will carry 16 passengers, including former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney, Cypriot lawmaker and surgeon Eleni Theocharous, journalists and activists from Britain, Australia, Ireland and Tunisia.

The Free Gaza group has successfully made five deliveries of aid by boat to Gaza since August, defying the blockade Israel imposed when Hamas won control of the territory in June 2007.
A yacht, huh? At least she is going in style.
I think her little cadre is going to find it more difficult to break the blockade during an armed conflict than they have at any time since August. Then again, anyone who really wanted to sneak passed a blockade would not issue a press release claiming that is what they are about to attempt. It makes sense. You certainly would not want the yacht sunk by Israeli fire. At worst, you would want Mckinney to get tossed overboard just for the YouTube lulz. I do not believe she has worn out all her entertainment value just yet.

McKinney is one of the finest examples of what Vladimir Lenin referred to as a useful idiot. They are the people who claim solidarity with the Palestinians, but with their actions, support atrocities like firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas. Their cries of genocide at the Israelis defending themselves drown out the screams of “Send Them to Hell” by Gaza terrorists who do not quite grasp the concept they cannot commit unprovoked acts of aggression and then complain at the retaliation.

But do not take my word for it. Here is McKinney herself missing the truth:
First of all, I have to thank and Paul Larudee for tracking me down to extend the invitation to travel to Gaza to learn first-hand of the situation there, particularly since I had spoken out on it during the trip to Damascus to deliver my remarks and that never happened. I’ve since learned that one other US resident was delayed for three hours at the airport as she attempted to make it to Damascus. Seems I was being too kind to the ticket agents who seemed truly confused about where I was going and what I needed in order to get there–never once allowing me to proceed to security and to my transfer point, which was Paris. I thank her for letting me know that she, too, had the exact same experience with the ticket agents. She did, however, get to board her plane and made it safely to Damascus to participate in the event marking the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Right of Return contained in it.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights also forbids terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, but somehow McKinney missed out on that part. She was oo busy throwing cell phones at people who do not recognize her to read the whole thing, probably.

UPDATE; Rammed by the Israeli Navy. But McKinney was not thrown overboard, so I assume the IDF does not read by blog. Bummer.
Popeye's Copyright is About to Expire

Thanks to a European Union law that restricts copyright ownership to seventy years after the originator’s death, Poeye is about to become public domain in Europe. intellectual property, particularly international copyright law, was not my thing back in law school, so you will have to search for a wiser head than mine to explain the minute details, but the bottom line is that European companies are going to be free to produce any sort of Popeye product they so desire.

This only applies to Europe. King Features Syndicate still owns the character in the United States and, in spite of pumping out a pretty awful movie in 1980 as well as cheap comic books and animated series, have a vested interest in protecting the character’s reputation. Popeye generates nearly $ 2 billion worth of revenue for KFS. They will send an army of lawyers overseas at just about every hint of a less than kosher project. But the fact is, they cannot get it all. I can guarantee cheap cartoons, movies, and inevitable pornography will slip through.

I have to confess I have never much cared for Popeye. There have been some real classics from the early era of his animated short—“Escape from Goon Island” immediately comes to mind—but I have found the overall output lacking. Some of that is to be expected. My old comic book collection has a smattering of Popeye comics done on the fast and cheap for a quick buck. No one other than small children cared for them at any point. But even Robin Williams and a score by Harry Nilsson, fully recovered from his Lost Weekend with john Lennon, could not salvage a movie version.

You can expect far more fast and cheap stuff to trickle its way here in the near future. It will serve only to demean a character who once had a lot of great potential.
Jennifer Aniston

Because Marley & Me, starring Jennifer Aniston, post-suicidal Owen Wilson, and a dog, is an inexplicable hit.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fox Sues WB Over Watchmen

Fans waiting to finally see Alan Moore’s 1986 miniseries Watchmen hit the big screen have just had a bucket of cold water thrown on them. Fox has taken legal moves to prevent Warner Brothers from releasing the finished film in March. Fox claims original rights t the property; Warners is demanding a trial in late January to settle the issue.

I have not paid enough attention to the legal shenanigans to tell who has a better claim, but at first glance, I would speculate Fox probably has enough of a claim to hamstring Warners and is using legal maneuvers as a negotiation tactic for getting a piece of the film’s profit. It is smart, really. They can get a cut of a potential blockbuster film for the cost of legal fees, which are miniscule compared to the production costs and promotion of a movie. How it got to this point is beyond me.

Fans are already calling for a boycott of Fox, but with Wolverine and Avatar coming up, I would not hold my breath waiting for fanboys to make good on it. Or, for that matter, a boycott to even be noticeable. Comic book fans sadly overestimate their power in such matters as much as they lament their favorites characters’ mythos being altered for a mass audience with only the vaguest notion of the source material.
Bristol Palin Had a Boy

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Word is Andrew Sullivan is still trying to work the math out right.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Christmas Message

Just to prove every bit of inane crap will eventually find its way to YouTube, here is the special Christmas message presented by the Persian Tiny Tim on Britain's Channel 4:idiot multiculturalists, most of him probably hate Christianity as much as Nazism, have applauded the mentioning of Christ's return. However, they do not seem to have ever learned exactly what the Koran says about Christ.

That is where your old buddy Jamie comes in to enlighten souls:
Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 43, No. 656:

"Allah's Apostle said, "The Hour of Judgement will not be established until the son of Mary [Jesus] descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross, kill the pigs [infidels], and end the Jizya [protection of Jews and Christians in a Muslim state]. "

Sahih Muslim book 41, No. 6985:

"The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The Hour of Judgement will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”
Enjoy your eggnog while you can, infidel. Jesus is coming...and he is apparently a Muslim jihadist.
Dump Wade Phillips, Not Jessica Simpson

Yes, Dallas Cowboys fans may blame Jessica Simpson, aka The Minx with the Jinx, aka Yoko Romo, but the writing has been on the wall for a while now--fire Wade Phillips.

He is a fine defensive coordinator and probably a nice guy, too, but neither of those traits count towards being an effective head coach who cannot take a team with a small army of Pro Bowlers with championship ambitions and make the play offs. The Cowboys are stuck at 10-6 and going home.

I will admit the team was as flat and unenthusiastic as I have ever seen them on the field this afternoon, but that is largely the coach's fault for not holding them together. they have too much talent to be floundering as badly as they are.

Wade Phillips has got to go!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did Condi Rice Vote for Barack Obama?

To settle the long wondered question:
And as secretary of state, I'm going to keep my partisan or non-partisan views to myself on that. But I think all Americans were taken with the fact that we were able, after the long history that we've been through, that initial birth defect of slavery that we elected an African American."
Yes, yes she did. (Source.)
Caroline Kennedy, Valley Girl

Count the number of times Caroline Kennedy says "you know' in two minutes. And they call my beloved Sarah Palin dumb.

Seriously, she has never worked a day in her life, has kept out of Democratic politics, and is not even articulate enough to endure a short interview in which she was not asked about the Bush Doctrine or Supreme Court cases she disagreed with.

Even democrats enamored with the fantasy of Kennedy's Camelot are beginning to backtrack on Sweet Caroline.
Israel Regains Its Sense of Survival

The world media ignored Hamas’ firing of scores of rockets and mortars into southern Israel, but it certainly has not ignored the Israeli change from acting like a battered wife to going on the offensive. I am happy to see it. For too long now, Israel has been far too willing to give up the farm in exchange for a peace that will never happen. These are people who strap dynamite to their children and them to walk into crowded Israeli grocery stores to martyr themselves. it is not peace they want.

Indeed, the calls from around the planet 9literally0 for Israel to use restraint are nothing more than calls for Israel’s destruction. I am of the opinion Israel ought to continue its offensive until it has drained Gaza of every Hamas terrorist. Yesterday’s airstrikes were largely intended as a decapitation strike against Hamas leadership as well as training camps and various ammunition storage facilities, all likely precursors to a ground invasion by the IDF.

Will it have lasting effects? I do not know. Perhaps if the Israelis have the stomach to realize they can never live in peace next to a terrorist group which instigates war and then cries they are victims of a holocaust when the Israelis finally defend themselves. I further suspect lame duck Bush and their distrust for Barack Obama may spur the on to take full military action before the Obama Administration can put its stamp on any ‘peace plan.”

The Hamas leader in Damascus is calling for a third intifada. I imagine it will come. Innocent Israeli citizens will suffer for it, but a lot more are going to suffer if the IDF does not clear out Gaza of all its terrorist bases. Honestly, it is a job they should have done a long time ago.
Jessica Simpson Has Had a Bad Year

Jessica Simpson had a pretty awful 2008, did she not? It started when she caught the blame for boyfriend Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys spectacular collapse in the late season. Then her movie, Blonde Ambition, went straight to DVD with little fanfare. Finally, her move from pop to country music was a bust. The gentlest album review I could find said her debut album was adequate, yet simple, which is pretty much saying, “Yep, that is a country album, all right.”

Some of the criticism is not fair. Let us face it, the Dallas Cowboys choke worse than the ‘90’s Atlanta Braves in the big games. Simpson has nothing to do with that. She is merely indicative of the fact the Cowboys are a shadow of their former selves. Back in the ‘90’s, they were perennial contenders and quarterback Troy Aikman was dating country star Lorrie Morgan. These days, they are pretenders and quarterback Romo got dumped by country star Carrie Underwood and had to settle for wannabe Simpson. The next generation tries to repeat past glory and look what happens.

As for her movie career, who was dumb enough to put up the cash for a starring vehicle for Simpson? Serves them right it went straight to DVD and fraternity house living room entertainment centers with the volume muted. If any saw The Dukes of Hazzard movie with her hot pink bikini scenes, you will know the only reason to cast Simpson in a film is to be seen and not heard. Even that is not enough to be a box office draw.

I do not blame her for going over to country. Over the last fifteen years or so, it has become a place for musicians from other genres to revive their flagging careers when they could not compete with the rubbish from rap and dance artists fans are buying up anyway. Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Jon Bon Jovi, Norah Jones, and Brett Michaels have all had some level of success in country.

The problem is the artists I just listed were successful in the first place when the tastes of album buyers changed right under them. Simpson’s career was never much of anything at any point. Perhaps it was the low expectations that prompted the “adequate, but simple” description of her debut. It is pretty much what we expected—a CD.

I think she knows all this. The dumb, virginal blonde shtick was always an act. It never played very well passed 2000 or so, anyway. She is working on hooking Room and getting pregnant. Call me a chauvinist if you wish, but single women actively seek to get pregnant for only two reasons: either hook a man or to have someone to love if that does not work. Both reveal an awareness of lonely failure.
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Emilie de Ravin!

I am a day late, unfortunately. The Australian beauty turned 27 yesterday.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man Shot for Talking During Movie

The do not condone the act. I am just surprised it took this long to happen.
Caroline Kennedy's Conundrum

How can New Yorker's believe Caroline Kennedy's promise to work twice as hard as she ever has if given Hillary Clinton's Senate seat when she has not only never worked a day in her life, but also says she will not run for it herself in 2010 if it is not given to her now?

You see, that seat is her birthright and New York Democrats better hand it over--not thatshe will ever do anything if they do not. Might break a nail otherwise.

If she gets apppinted, it will be the most embarrassing move Gov. David Paterson could make.
RNC Chair Candidate Accused of Racism

Miracle of miracles, it is not South Carolina's Katon Dawson, but Tennessee's Chip Saltsman, who distributed a CD containing “Barack the Magic Negro as part of his promotional packet. In a culture in which even using the word "niggardly" properly can get one accused of racism by people more interested in finding offense than finding a dictionary, it was a dumb move.

But was it racist? Probably not. If so, then the name of the United Negro College Fund needs to be changed out of cultural sensitivity.

more likely the uproar among republicans is an attempt to winnow down the crowded field of candidates and rally around African-American candidate Michael Steele. steele is the candidate I support, for any of you chomping at the bit to anonymously accuse me of racism in the comments.

As for the left's consternation, well everything is either racist or homophobic as far as they are concerned. One has to be amused imagining the coniptions they went through over the dilemma of African-Americans voting in favor of Proposition 8 in California last month. On a more practical level, they want to give a hint of racism to Bill Frist, a heavily favored Tennessee gubernatorial candidate in 2010 and Mike Huckabee, a probable presidential candidate in 2012. First endorsed Saltsman, who was Huckabee's presidential campaign manager this year and potentially a part of a second run.

It is all politics, not race.

It is the last Caturday before 2009, so here is a photo as a toast to all the drunk who finally have a legitimate excuse to get plastered. Because nothing rings in a new year quite like a hang over.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hard Intelligence

The CIA has been passing out Viagra to Afghan tribal leaders in exchange for information on the Taliban and Al Qeada.

Hopefully only the latter are getting stiffed.
But...But I'm a Kennedy!

I am going to have to backtrack a bit on previous posts implying Caroline Kennedy was the establishment’s shoo in to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. I assumed the Kennedy mystique, which I do not get, either because of my youth or conservatism, would be enough to glide her way in. Apparently, she thought that way, too.

The Kennedys do not have to play by the same rules as the rest of us, according to Caroline. She is refusing to release her financial records until she is safely in the Senate. This in spite of the fact you have to disclose your financial dealings and criminal record, if any, before you can get any government job. Not for Kennedys, though. The affairs of royalty are not for the unwashed masses to know.

Guess who is considered part of the unwashed masses undeserving of Kennedy attention? Elected Democrats in New York. Kennedy has been awfully stingy with the campaign cash over the years. It has become the primary sticking point to her ascension. Arrogant, self-important politicians area dime a dozen. No one minds tolerating that in a potential senator. But not donating wads of cash to the holy cause of electing liberal Democrats? Unforgivable, even for a Kennedy.
Doctor Who--"The Next Doctor"

It took forever to finally get a hold of this episode. I guess the Britons were too wowed by the Iranian president’s counter Christmas/anti-American warmongering message to worry with getting “The Next Doctor” to the former colonies. Now that I have seen it, I have mixed thoughts about it. It was the best of the four Christmas specials thus far, but that is not saying much. These things often seem to be thrown together at the behest of the BBC and have been little more than showcases for Russell T. Davies’ self-indulgence.

This time around, RTD indulges himself with all sorts of cutesie teases about who this new Doctor is, silly creations from the Cybermen, and plot holes you could drive a semi through. For example, the Cybermen who have escaped to Victorian London from the Void used stolen Dalek technology to do so. One assumes the Daleks must have escaped, too, but the doctor does not seem bothered by that as much as the audience is as we realized ththis revelation was probably foreshadowing their return sometime next year. The Cybermen also had enough technology to create some steampunk Cybershade creatures and build a giant Cyberman, but in a Dickensian twist, kidnapped children to useas slave labor in order to get the thing moving. It was laughable.

It was also typically overblown RTD writing. The giant Cyberman reminded me way too much of Arliss Lovelace’s mechanical spider in the incredibly awful Wild Wild West remake nine years ago. If you are going to rip off a movie, pick one better than that. In an even bigger homage to Will smith’s turn as James west, I did not understand how the doctor managed to defeat the Godzilla sized Cyberman anymore than I believed West’s saving the day was plausible.

Miss Hartigan was an interesting character, even if she did preen about and emote like a James Bond villain. Like I said above, I still have no idea how the Doctor used her conversion as Cyber King (Why not Cyber Queen? Are the Cybermen all chauvinists?) to defeat the Cybermen, but there you go.

It sounds as though I did not like “The Next Doctor,” but I did. The reason I did was almost exclusively David Morrisey. We find out pretty quickly that he is not a time Lord at all, much less a past or future incarnation of the Doctor himself, but an ordinary man named Jackson Lake. He plays the mercurial personality of the Doctor to the hilt. He is a tragic figure, though, traumatized by the death of his wife and kidnapping of his son by the Cybermen into believing he is the Doctor. Even some of the sillier slapstick elements of his adventures do not take away from the dignity he brought to the role. It is doubtful he will take over as the eleventh doctor and I think we are losing out because of it.

I did cringe a bit towards the end when he suggested to the Doctor that his assistant, Rosalie, would make a fine nursemaid for his son. He meant he wanted to marry her, but when you say that about a black woman in 1851, making her his wife is not the first thing that comes to mind. It was a sloppy line to throw in.

Otherwise, I am not terribly disappointed with “The Next Doctor.” It does not stand up to much scrutiny, but forfluff entertainment on Christmas, it did the job. It felt weird to not get a trailer for an upcoming season like we usually do. The next special will air at Easter. It has not been filmed yet, so there was nothing even from it other than the title: “Planet of the Dead.” I am certain spoilers will begin leaking out early next year. I will report as I find them.

Rating: *** (out of 5)
Gemma Atkinson in a Bikini

A post Christmas super model/British television star bikini photo to warm things up is in order.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Almost Midnight

I survived another Christmas. I hope some demon earned his trident because of it.
Eartha Kitt (1927-2008)

How is this for Christmas cheer? The grim Reaper is still working his dark art this far into awful 2008.

Eartha Kitt was famous for two thing--three if you count Orson Welles fawning over her more than a bag of frozen peas: the song 'Santa Baby" (Ironic, considering she died on Christmas) and portraying the sexist version of Catwoman on the old Batman television series. Kitt was also born in South Carolina, so I have an added loyalty.

She was still working right up until the end. You have to admire a woman willing to stay in thespotlight into her eighties. Godspeed, Ms. Kitt.
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Danielle Lloyd, her bikini, and me. I assume that is the order you would most prefer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mistletoe Meme

It is the time of the year again when I reevaluate my Mistletoe Meme. It works like this: yu have to list the five celebrities you would like to meet under the mistletoe for a little smooch and why you picked her. Here goes my list:
1. Reese Witherspoon- If I have to explain this one, then you all have not been paying attention to my writing, the restraining order, or those freak accidents Ryan Philippe once found himself suffering and Jack Gyllenhaal now does. Hook up with my baby at your own peril.

2. Emilie de Ravin—Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The Australian beauty will skip the current season of Lost while her character is off in whatever limbo Claire is in. It is going to be tough going a year without her.

3. Gillian Anderson--I miss The x-Files and her. She is still gorgeous at forty.

4. Kristin Chenoweth--Speaking of gorgeous at forty, this tony winning beauty fro Oklahoma is one of my favorites. She is returning to television next season in a legal dramedy from David E. Kelley. Woo hoo!

5. Neve Campbell--She is mostly out of the spotlight these days, but certainly not forgotten by me or anyone else who has worn out their Wild Things DVD by repeating those two scenes—you know which ones—over and over again.
You thought I was going to list Sarah Palin, too, did you not? Heh. I figured I would show a little more class than to do that. But, well, you know…I would.

I always hate tagging other people for these things. It is a no win situation. Either I feel twinges of guilt for insisting they blog for me or snubbed when they do not. If you want to play, consider yourself tagged. Leave a comment if you would like your list linked to this post.
Ahmadinejad to Give Christmas Message in UK

Right after the Queen offers her annual Christmas message. Either Christmas is an even bigger danger to political correctness in the United Kingdom than in the United States or its conversion to the Caliphate of great Britain is complete.

but take heart, Santa Ahmadinejad's message will be a scathing critique of American warmongering rather than an attack on Christian infidels specifically. I imagine Britons, who have forgotten Iran held several members of its armed forces prisoner not too log ago as well as the spirit of rudyard Kipling, will go for that:
Merry Christmas, "bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers."

In his recorded message, Ahmadinejad offers seasonal greetings to Christians and says he believes that if Jesus were alive, he would "stand with the people in opposition to bullying, ill-tempered and expansionist powers," an apparent reference to the United States and its allies.

According to a transcript of the broadcast released in advance, Ahmadinejad says most of the world's problems stem from leaders who have turned against religion. He doesn't refer to rival nations or leaders by name or raise the issue of Israel, despite his previous calls for the removal of the Jewish state.

"If Christ were on earth today, undoubtedly He would hoist the banner of justice and love for humanity to oppose warmongers, occupiers, terrorists and bullies the world over," Ahmadinejad said, according to the text.
The world is going to hell in a hand basket even faster than my pessimistic old heart of stone ever guessed.
Rahm Emanuel: Keep My House Seat Warm, Blago

Team Obama cleared itself of any wrongdoing in yesterday's internal report, which i am certain will be enough to convince the fawning press. But one tidbit caught my eye; Rahm Emanuel wanted "Hot Rod" Blago to use his influence to get a placeholder for his US house seat elected so he could go back to it once his term as Obama's Chief of Staff ended:
Emanuel has not yet resigned from his congressional post. When he does, his position will be filled by a special election. But there was discussion about whether Blagojevich could appoint an interim replacement, according to the criminal complaint in the governor's case.

Days after Emanuel and Blagojevich spoke about Emanuel's seat, the governor is overheard telling aides on secret wiretaps he wanted Emanuel "to get the word today," about raising money for the governor and that when "[Emanuel] asks me for the Fifth CD thing, I want it to be in his head." The "Fifth CD" was a reference to Emanuel's 5th Congressional District seat.
(Source)By most accounts, emanuel was completely uninterested in the local affairs of his district, so it makes sense he would want someone else to do the same job he did--keep the seat from being taken by someone who has any vision or passion.
Kate Winslet Likes It Kinky

KateWinslet will get naked in a heartbeat when there is a camera around--especially if her husband is behind it.

In the new movie, The Reader, she plays a Nazi war criminal, Hanna Schmitz, who has an affair with a 15-year-old boy, the movie is said to have quite a bit of sex in the film. very realistic, with lots of skin.

On top of nominations for The Reader, she is also hoping for a nomination for another new movie, Revolutionary Road, in which she has a sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio - directed by her husband Sam Mendes.

Hollywood is one odd town.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seattle Has a Problem

Its streets are packed with heavy snow that is preventing traffic, including municipal emergency vehicles, from traveling them. The snow is 90% on its way to becoming dangerously slippery ice. Yet the city will not use salt to clear the roads out of fear of damaging Puget Sound.

Puget Sound is, by the way, full of...salt water.

You know why the suicide rate in Seattle is so high? It is not because of the excessive rain. It is because they just cannot handle the sheer boneheadedness of public officials. There should be a citizen revolt. Invade all the Starbucks and dump scalding hot coffee on the ice. That should do it. it would be the postmodern Boston Tea Party.
Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

No surprise they signed the mercenary slugger. The Yankees infield alone now now costs more than the entire payroll of 21 teams.
My Festivus Airing of Grievances

If my recent posts have not done enough to cause my opinions to become suspect in your eyes, try this one on for size: I think Seinfeld was the most overrated show of the ‘90’s. it is not that it was bad—there are a few episodes I liked a lot—it just does not deserve all the adulation it still receives a decade after it went off the air. Maybe it is because it was such a New York City show, it was not meant for me. I have yet to crack a smile at the Canadian humor of the dozen or so Kids in the Hall episodes I have suffered through, either.

But Seinfeld did give us at least one good thing-Festivus. I generally leave the pole lifting alone, but I do enjoy the annual Airing of Grievances. If you are not familiar, the idea is to gather around your family, friends, enemies, and whoever else and and let it all out what a disappointment they have been all year. The best part is there is no making up at the end. You get to just simmer. Goody!

Airing of grievances is a bit different since I cannot gather everyone around, but the good part is I can blast anyone and everyone! Whoo hoo! If you wish to participate, by all means do so. You may leave a comment on this post and I will link to your list, if you do desire. But now, in no particular order, my list of grievances for the year of our Lord 2008:

1. John McCain--Who else could possibly be number one? The minute he won the South Carolina primary, I knew we were screwed. It was clear the Republican Party had given up on winning the white house, so they decided to nominate the party scold to be the party standard bearer. It was no surprise met every single poor expectation for him.

The guy is a raging RINO who isnot happy unless he is criticizing his own party while cuddling up to Democrats. Geez, man—just switch parties already. I was willing to tolerate his antics, however, because I did not like the prospect of having a young, inexperienced, ultra-liberal as president. But McCain made it harder and harder to support him as the campaign limped along.

Limp it did, too. It never even occurred to McCain Barack Obama liked the idea of wealth redistribution until by chance a plumber brought the issue up. I guess McCain was too busy coming up with new ways to make his decision making look even more erratic and incomprehensible. Or maybe he spent all his time figuring out how to spend taxpayer money buying up houses for people who were stupid enough to take out loans they could not afford. I do not know which. Considering McCain, it was probably both.

McCain ran the most embarrassingly pathetic political campaign of the two major parties in history. If he hadnot chosen sarah palin as his running mate—which I am convinced he did out of spite for those who told him he could not choose Joe Lieberman—I imagine he would have faced a Bob dole level defeat or worse. She dragged him across the finish line in several red states, especially in the south. If there is any justice, he will be defeated in his 2010 Senate primary by an actual Republican in both words and deeds.

2. The Mainstream Media--When did the line between objective and opinion journalism completely disappear? The recent death of mark “Deep Throat” felt reminded me that journalists have grown to view their jobs as not holding everyone in power accountable, but taking down those they do not agree with while covering for those they do. I do not recall it ever being this bad. Even Bill Clinton, who was a mastermind at manipulating the press, had his feet held to the fire quite often. Certainly more than Obama has.

Ask yourself this question—how come we know Sarah Palin’s tanning bed habits but we do not know about Obama’s role in Gov. hot Rod Blagowhatshisface’s campaign in 2002 or about his campaigning for Marxist Raila Odinga on taxpayers’ dime in 2007. Heck, there are still people who think Obama is a Muslim, but I will bet they know Palin is a moose hunter. The media has not done its job.

In many ways, I chalk the failures up to incompetence. I do not think much of journalistic education. It is a tech school degree masquerading as a university program. Sorry, but butchering copy down to that eighth grade reading level we areall supposed to be on does not take an enlightened soul. It just takes someone who does not recognize many words over three syllables long. That is why there isa liberal bias in the media. Only leftists are patronizing enough to dumb information down for what they consider the unwashed, unworthy masses.

3. Televangelists--I am not certain why I started paying more attention this year to the likes of Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Mike Young, Mike Murdoch et al , but I have. I am not a fan of any of them. I usually wind up flipping channels at some point on Sunday and catch a few minutes of their sermons. Yikes.

I certainly do not feel the same vibe as the late ‘80’s when sex scandals took down Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart while they bilked little old ladies out of their pensions and God and/or lack of lithium was telling pat Robertson to run for president or oral Roberts he was going to die if he did not get $ 8 million in medical school scholarships. It is not like the ‘90’s, either, when jerry Falwell was selling videos claiming Bill Clinton had murdered string of rivals in Arkansas. It is something else.

I call it Cotton Candy Christianity. I am not entirely certain when it began since being a law student at Regent University earlier this decade warped my perspective on real spirituality versus fundamentalism versus cherry picking Christianity to suit political and social leanings. I suspect it had something to do with the upswing in church attendance after 9/11 and the ensuing downswing when everyone discovered God has a pretty strict list of dos and don’ts. Then we embraced The Passion of the Christ and Mel Gibson, a guy who bared his butt in Lethal Weapon while making versatile and frequent use of the “F” word as icons of Christianity.

That brings us to 2008, where Joel Osteen is the most popular Christian leader in America even though he calls himself a life coach who uses virtually no Bible references in his sermons and will not say atheists are not going to heaven. Or rick Warren, who laid out an embarrassingly trite view of spirituality in The Purpose Driven Life and finagled his way into the spotlight for Obama’s inauguration. Or mike Young, who were an open chested silk shirt like David Hasselhoff in his prime while instructing his followrs to put god back in the bedroom with a seven day sex-a-thon. Or mike Murdoch, who tells me every morning god will make me rich if I just have enough spirituality, then explains how less fortunate people still give him expensive gifts even though he is a multimillionaire.

This does not even count the rifts developing over homosexuality and various social issues within the church. I am just talking about the folks sitting at home strolling through television channels where it is hard to tell the religious programs from the game shows or thumbing through simplistic books claiming to have all the answers. There are not many safe havens left.

4. Rock and Roll--it was even lousier this year than last. Not even Guns ‘n Roses could pull it out of the doldrums. Too much rap, too much pop, too much dance, and too much emo. Where are the drums and steel guitars? Why is Tommy Lee running his myself page himself? Forget Britney Spears, Any Winehouse, Kenye West and all that American Idol crap. I want to rock, people!

5. The Grim Reaper--Has then bee a terrible year for deaths or what? I write obituaries on a semi regular basis at the Eye, but only when I have something personal to add. I have written at least three times as many obituaries in 2008 than in any other year since I have been blogging. That means the reaper’sscythe had a significant impact on me this year.

I will confess I am young, so I probably had the wrong perspective on many of the people I eulogized. At the very least, I might have missed their most significant impact. I am a certain remembering Isaac Hayes for playing Chef rather than writing “Shaft” or appreciating Charlton Heston for his late ‘60’s-early ‘70’s science fiction films over The Ten Commandments is blasphemous in most eyes, but it is my blog and I do not have to justify the lenses I use to view the world.

This year I took significant hits in the genres of politics, journalism, movies, stand up comedy, comic books, literature, and philosophy. Ouch. All I can say is that death needs to cut back a little in 2009. Or at least be more selective. Why is George Carlin gone but Carrot Top still performing?

6. “Tokyo” Peggy Noonan--It is probably cheating to mention Noonan separate from the MSM I mentioned above, but she is a special case who merits her own listing because of her gross hypocrisy.

Noonan disappointed me on two levels. The first had been coming for a long time. She writes well, with beautiful flowery language that conservatives fawned over for years. I agree, she is a wordsmith. But once you are done with a column, you realize she has not told you a thing. No facts, no substance. Nothing. For whatever reason, we conservatives pretended we did not notice. That is, until this year when she showed her true colors.

Which brings me to the second point, she is red on the outside, blue on the inside. She wrote a column praising the choice of Palin as McCain’s running mate, then got caught blasting her with a potty mouth on an MSNBC hot mic. With her true colors exposed, she went on a tear justifying her invite to all the cool Beltway cocktail parties by trashing McCain/Palin up until it was confirmed she was not going to become Obama’s press Secretary. You may recall she turned on bush shortly after his second inauguration for pretty much the same reason.

What gets me is her argument against Palin—that she is a Jeffersonian outside-r-is exactly the reason she idolizes Ronald Reagan. Were she to have her current perspective 28 years ago, she and those like her who also idolize lionize Reagan would never had allowed him to rise to prominence. Noonan is proof of how ideologically bankrupt conservatives are these days.

7. Global warming—I am cold, darn it!

8. Science fiction--Where has all the good stuff gone? Other than Battlestar Galactic, we have been facing a severe famine. Considering we only get ten episodes every seven to ten months, it is difficult to consider BSG a feast no matter how good the sporadic morsels more.

What else is there? Not much outside the BBC’s Doctor Who franchise which was pretty much dried up by June. Lost only gave us fourteen episodes thanks to the WGA strike. I tried Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles Clone War, and Fringe. None floated my boat. Do not even get me started on the movies released, like the ill conceived The Day the Earth Stood still, a blasphemous remake.

Where has all the good stuff gone? I want to go back to the late ‘90’s when there were two Star treks, The X-Files, and Babylon 5 while there were always a handful of good science fiction movies in the theater worth seeing. Did the Star Wars prequels of the early ‘00’s kill off science fiction?

9. My health--I had to have surgery at the beginning of the year to work on a lingering issue. I felt like an old man falling apart even before. The feeling has not changed. Bah.
Look Good Naked

I could have named this post Evah Erzigova after the supermodel pictured, but the title I used is much more attention grabbing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

NYJ Shaun Ellis Throws Snowball at Seahawks Fans

Yesterday’s game between the new York jets and the Seattle Seahawks was ugly for several reasons. One, the snowy weather was awful. Two, the Jets’ 13-3 loss to the Seahawks ended what little chance they had of making the playoffs and this may very well have been Brett Favre’s last chance. But the worst part about the game was the behavior of the fans and jets defensive end, Shaun Ellis.

For the entire game, Seahawks fans gathered up snow in the bleachers and tossed snowballs at fans in lower seats, the hired Santas roaming about, the officials, and finally, opposing players. Even being threatened with ejection did not stop them. By the end of the game, Ellis had enough. He packed up a massive snowball and threw it at a fan. There is a video embedded of the incident below, but since the NFL is strict in protecting its copyright, it may not be there long.

I do not excuse Ellis’ unsportsmanlike behavior, but considering what the fans were acting like, I can certainly see why he did it. Athletes get paid an obscene amount of money to play a kids game while putting up with a lot of crap from fans. The athletes ought to be able to control their emotions about it, but fans bear just as much responsibility to act like adults themselves. I have no sympathy for Ellis or the guy he hit, to be honest. I am just glum this sort of thing happens among grown men.
Census Consensus

If you are a fellow statistics junkie, you might like to know the Census Bureau has released state by state population figures.

The United States population is 304 million, plus some stragglers. but the interesting observation, if i may beat a dead horse, is this:
Alaska: 686,293 (2008)

Vermont: 608,826 (2000)
Would someone mind explaining to me why the left complained that Gov. Sarah Palin was unqualified to be Vice-President because the population of Alaska was so small, she had very little relevant experience while Gov. Howard Dean was touted by the left as the Second Coming when the population of Vermont was even smaller in 2000 when he was running for President?

I am just askin'.
Donna's Ring v. Ms. Hartigan's Necklace

Some fans are speculating there is a similarity between Donna Noble's ring, shown here in "Journey's End," and ms. Hartigan's necklace, shown in the upcoming special, "The Next Doctor."

I do not really see it and i think it would be pretty corny for there to be any connection. They are probably just both the same prop designer. But I have posted comparison photos so you can make up your own mind.
Fort Dix Five: Guilty

The five jihadists who plotted to kill US Servicemen at fort Dix, New Jersey have been found guilty:
Five Muslim immigrants were convicted Monday of plotting to massacre U.S. soldiers at a New Jersey military base in a case the government said demonstrated its post-Sept. 11, 2001, determination to stop terrorist attacks in the planning stages.

The defendants were acquitted of attempted murder charges but face life in prison for conspiring to kill military personnel. The federal jury spent about 38 hours deliberating over the past six days.

The men lived in and around Philadelphia for years. The government said after their 2007 arrest that an attack had been imminent and that the case underscored the dangers of terrorist plots hatched on U.S. soil.
All face life sentences, hopefully with horny cellmates who like it rough.
Liberal Hypocrisy

Do you find it funny the same liberals who want Barack Obama to open a dialogue with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are dead set against him allowing Rick Warren to pray at his inauguration?

It tells you a lot about how morally and spiritually bankrupt the left is these days.
Data's Descent

Here is my latest music video. It features scenes from the two part Star Trek: the Next Generation "Descent," the episode where Lore takes over a faction of Borg and begins manipulating Data's emotions. The video is set to "I Think I'm Paranoid" by Garbage.

I am happier with this one than the one I posted yesterday, for whatever that is worth. The source material is from two of my favorite episodes of the series. You have no idea the discussions it sparked off among my fellow politically inclined Trekkers back in college. The ethics of emotion, the Just War Theory, and scientific research on animals were just a few topics we burnt the midnight oil over.
Britney Spears Looks Good

Britney Spears looks better than she has in a long time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rahm Emanuel Cleared in Blagogate

At least as far as Barack Obama's internal report says.. The report, to be released nearer to Christmas so as not to attract much attention, will reveal Rahm Emanuel had one courtesy call to the Illinois governor shortly after the election and four calls with hischief of staff to discuss the Senate appiintment:
The sources add that the report will show Emanuel also had four phone calls with Blagojevich Chief of Staff John Harris. During those conversations, the Senate seat was discussed. The pros and cons of various candidates were reviewed, and the sources say that Emanuel repeatedly reminded Harris that Blagojevich should focus on the message the pick would send about the governor and his administration.

Sources also confirm that Emanuel made the case for picking Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett during at least one of the conversations. In the course of that conversation, Harris asked if in return for picking Jarrett, “all we get is appreciation, right?” “Right,” Emanuel responded.
I am inclined to believe it. Obama sounds like he was trying to distance himself from the embattled blago as much as possible while still being concerned about who he might appoint. Obama is infinitely familiar with the way Chicago politics works. I am sure he suspected Blago might try something shady in the appointment.

It certainly sounds like Blago had an ax to grind about getting nothing but gratitude. Obama has a habit of throwing friends and allies under the bus for political expediency. Do you think being bitter back by a victim is a new experience for the Obamassiah?
Just How Dumb is Paris Hilton?

I almost hate to dump on the girl. She is having a very bad wekk with her house being robbed of $ 2 million worth of jewelry while she was at Christina aguilera's birthday party.. But when two points came to light, I just had to laugh about the whole thing instead.

First, Hilton left her front door unlocked with no defense for her house other than that ferocious Chihuahua she drag everwhere she goes. in her defense, i am certain the dog could natch the sock right off a man's foot if it were determined enough.

Second, Hilton was not even invited to Aguilera's birthday bash:
Hilton and Flickinger were at LA restaurant Saam Thursday night in the private dining area when Christina Aguilera, who was celebrating her 28th birthday, walked in. "Christina was with hubby Jordan Bratman, Nicole Richie and Joel and Benji Madden," our spy said. "Paris wasn't invited and left shortly before they arrived so she wouldn't have to see Benji or be asked to leave the private area for Christina."
A tough week indeed, but entirely self-inflicted.
Borg Assimilation Video

I think this one wound up better in theory than execution, but I am going to keep it up anyway. The video features mostly scenes with Seven of Nine's transformation from a drone to human and Picard's time as Locutus.

The video is set to "One" by Metallica. It helps to recall the 1988 music video featuring scenes from the movie adaption of Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun in order to see where I was coming from.

Read the novel, too. It is disturbing, but worthwhile, particularly if you want to better grasp the human cost of war.
Pauley Perrette

I note in recent days USA Network has begun filling virtually all its programming hours with alternating episodes of House and NCIS. I have sampled both and have yet to get hooked on either, although I do find Dr. Gregory House to be a wise and charming man who reminds me very much of myself. I note NCIS has a certain nostalgic vibe for some of those '80's private detective shows with just enough forensics mixed in to cash in on the whole CSi phenomenon.

I am going to go out on a limb here and speculate much of the show's popularity is due to Pauley Perrette, who plays goth chick forensics expert Abby. Turns out she actually studied to be a forensics expert in real life, but opted to pursue acting rather than criminal investigation. she is also an advocate for various lefty causes, which I am not so fond of, and others like the Red Cross and animal adoption, which I am okay with.

This scene of her putting her shirt on appears to be the key hook for her fanbase, so I offer it up:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a Wonderful Lie

It is that time of year again when virtually every television channel that does not want to cough up the cash to produce new holiday programming airs It’s a Wonderful Life in every available timeslot. You know the drill. The beloved Jimmy Stewart is a beleaguered everyman, constantly put upon and feeling unappreciated until an angel shows him how terrible life would be without him. To top it all off, the town comes through for him in the end, thereby proving they do love and need him. It is all great, feel good holiday cheer, right?

Good heavens, no. It’s a Wonderful Life, more than just about any other film, has the greatest disparity between its actual message and the way people perceive it. How can anyone think this movie has any sort of positive message? There is no cheer. The movie is all about growing up and relinquishing your dreams, watching everyone else get what you want, seeing your father drive himself to an early grave, suffering at the hands of other, inconsiderate relatives, and languishing through all this mess in a town full of small minded bigots who exist to take advantage of you.

Believe me, they. George Bailey’s brother, his uncle, his wife, Potter, and even Clarence, who essentially uses him to earn his wings. Do we discover in the end they all love George/ of course we do. They love him because he is a sucker. If you do not believe they are going to hang it over his head forever they sacrificed their Christmas for him, you are too naïve for your own good. If George felt downtrodden before, now he will never be able to say or do a thing without someone reminding him of the Christmas of ’45.

There are two real kickers to this. First, as it was shown, life without George was not that. Bedford Falls became Pottersville, a swinging town full of night clubs, loud music, and attractive women. Is that not the kind of excitement George wanted in the first place/ Pottersville is a thriving resort town rather than the old, rusty, and poor manufacturing town of Bedford falls. Think of the future as theamerican economy shifted from manufacturing to the service industry which city has fared better, car manufacturing Detroit or resort town Orlando? Pottersville had a better chance of growing than Bedford falls, but since George was born, no such luck.

Second, George is in serious trouble. Even though the $ 8,000 is replaced by the townspeople, he has committed a federal crime—a class D felony punishable by up to seven years in prison. But you know what? I do not sympathize. George humiliates his wife continually to the point you have to wonder what she sees in him. He yells at his kids and tells his senile old uncle off. No wonder people do not mind taking advantage of him. He is a jerk as well as a sucker!

I have to think about that final scene, when George’s brother returns and toasts him as the richest man in town. See, everyone thinks that is because he knows he is now loved. Nah. George is happy because he knows that because he is around, everyone is going to be just as miserable as he is. Misery loves company. That is the reall message of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Merry Christmas, everybody!
Jerry Brown: Overturn Proposition 8

California Attorney General Jerry Brown has asked the California supreme Court to overrule the will of the people and negate Proposition 8. Brown supports gay marriage personally, but up until felt (correctly) felt it was his professional obligation to uphold the law.

But now that he is running for governor in 2010, he notes the political wind is shifting and wants to get in on what he sees as the majority. I think he is right in a way. If Proposition 8 were put on the ballot again, it would now fail because the gay rights advocates are so fire up. in that regard, he is being politically prudent.

You cannot overlook the fact that has not happened, however. proposition 8 did pass and gay marriage is banned in California. It is the will of the people as a matter of record. To have it overturned would be yet another example of the arrogance of the left who feel it necessary to bypass the will of 'ignorant" voters by furcing the "correct" social opinions on them.

It is scary to think California was once looked upon as having the greatest potential for liberal utopia because of the leftist dominance in its governing. It is even scarier to realize that utopia, such as it ever could be, has come true.
The Doctor is a Swordsman

The Doctor returns to sword fighting in "The Next Doctor."
Mark "Deep Throat" Felt Dies

I am surprised the media has not been as obsessed with covering the death of Mark “Deep Throat” felt today as they were when he outed himself as Bob Woodward’s Watergate informant back in 2005. As I recall, there was as much criticism over the media attention to irrelevant news as there was coverage, so maybe the media learned its lesson. Or, more than likely, they are just too obsessed with Barack Obama’s choice of rick warren to give the inaugural invocation.

I am way too young for Watergate to be anything other than an historical curiosity. I am more interested in the obsession with the scandal. I am already sick of every scandal being punctuated with –gate, although I am impressed Iran-Contra remained –gate free. How did that happen? The point at which Watergate lore became absolutely absurd to me was when Henry Hyde admitted bull Clinton had been impeached in 1998 as revenge for Richard Nixon. Holy Toledo! Twenty-five years later, impeach a president just to be petty.

But speaking of being petty, I am not one to debate whether felt was a hero for going after Nixon or a traitor. Personally, I think he was just being petty and vindictive. He was a career bureaucrat who was angry because Nixon promoted Pat Gray as head of the Bureau instead of him. This is the reason that he went after Nixon — revenge, pure and simple. He certainly didn't have a problem with illegal burglaries, as that is precisely what he was later convicted of himself.

It takes a lot of the mystique out of Watergate when the scandal is put in that perspective. I guess it all boils down to Nixon being a paranoid, unlikeable, vindictive member of the Establishment and the young Turks hating him for it. It is hard to not romanticize his downfall or backstabbing, depending on which side you are own.
Christmas Caturday

A bit early, but this is the last Caturday before we conveniently celebrate the pagan winter solstice conveniently disguised as the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Try not to dwell on that too much.

Here is to all the poor kids, sitting on the mall Santa's probably registered sex offender lap, believing in the magic of a strange old man who will give them anything they want with no strings attached. The wonder of childhood, no?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Oprah Winfrey is Totally Stalking Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey’s ardent support for Barack Obama is well know. She had him on her show very early on, made him her first public endorsement of a candidate for any public office, allowed him to use her estate for a fundraising, offered to produce his half hour special a week before the election, and went to Grant park the night of the election to celebrate his victory. The woman is hooked on the Obamassiah.

She is also a hypocrite. During the campaign, she refused to have Sarah Palin on her show because she did not want to use her fame to influence the election. How she said that with a straight face, I do not know. She is now willing to have palin on, but the Alaska governor has shown no interest. Good for her.

Oprah is not only a hypocrite, but she may very well be a stalker, too. She has been shopping for a mansion in the Washington, DC area in order to be close to Obama. Here is the scoop:
Oprah Winfrey wants to be as close to Barack Obama as possible. Insiders say Winfrey has started a preliminary search for a home in Washington, DC. A nine-bedroom Georgetown mansion she’s said to have asked about is listed at $50 million, but another source said, “She has never personally been to see it.”
So how long do you think it will be until Oprah is put on the Secret Service’s watch list.
Al Franken Likely Winner in Minnesota

Good grief. The land of a thousand lakes is about to elect a comedian as its next senator. Like a pro wrestler as governor was not embarrassing enough. What, has the constant cold finally gotten to Minnesotans?
Specifically, I have Franken taking a lead of about 430 votes after all challenged ballots are processed this afternoon. This includes "blue folder" ballots flagged (mostly by the Coleman campaign) for special circumstances. The Canvassing Board ruled this morning that they will evaluate blue folder ballots based on the markings on the ballot only, and will not consider the special circumstances behind them, which are outside of its jurisdiction and instead the subject for a court challenge. As such, very few of these types of challenges are likely to be successful, at least in the immediate term. Coleman has significantly more blue folder challenges than Franken, and so this is likely to add to Franken's total.
I guess you can look for Horatio Sanz, Finesse Mitchell, and a small army of other unemployed has been comedians from Saturday Night Live to take a shot at elected office now.
Gov. "Hot Rod" Blagojevich Channels Nixon

The embattled Illinois governor vowed to fight on:
"I'm here to tell you right off the bat that I am not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing, that I intend to stay on the job, and I will fight this thing every step of the way. I will fight, I will fight, I will fight until I take my last breath," Blagojevich said. "I have done nothing wrong."

He cast himself as a victim in the case, and said he will not let a "political lynch mob" force him from office.
Such strong rhetoric is certain evidence he is on the verge of resigning. If I had to guess, I would say he will do it on Christmas Day when no one is paying any attention.

The only thing he left out was a literal declaration he is not a crook.
Spoilers for "The Next Doctor"

DigitalSpy has listed ten clues as to elements about the Doctor Who Christmas special. I have them listed below with some elaboration of my own.

1. The mysterious Cybershades can jump quite high.
I have no idea why they would list something so insignificant sounding first unless it was somehow more impressive than it sounds. i am going to assume that it is.
2. Neither the Doctor nor the Other Doctor recognise each other. But the latter doesn't remember much anyway.
The doctor did not recognize the master, either, when he was using the Chameleon thingamabob, so there could still be a surprise as to who the Next Doctor really is.
3. There are two words that the Doctor never refuses.
Probably, "Help me" but it might be a laugh line.
4. The Other Doctor has a TARDIS - and it's magnificent.
It is a hot air balloon.
5. For a while Rosita becomes the Doctor's companion.
6. The script includes the customary line "what about the children?"
Ditto. Knowing Russell T. Davies, the plot is furthered by a newsboy shouting the headlines, too.
7. At least one previous incarnation of the Doctor makes an appearance.
Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor is the most likely, but both colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy have had higher profiles in recent times.
8. Miss Hartigan is a very special lady.
Cyber Leader? Hopefully not the Rani.
9. The Other Doctor's fobwatch is a very important clue.
Is it too obvious to say it is the Chameleon thingamabob?
10. "I suppose ** *** ***, **** ***** ** *****."
"I'm not him, ______ _______ __ ______." I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine.
There you go. It is less than a week until we find out for certain.
Bush Gives Automakers $17.4 Billion

George W. Bush Bush illegally offers Detroit the bailout that was rejected by Congress earlier this month. Even at this late date, he still holds nothing but contempt for the legislative branch.

It is not likea company propped up by the government ever thrives again. The management that run them into the ground is still in charge. they just have taxpayer money to waste now instead of stockholder.

The kicker is Bush is thinking about making a farewell address. Why? To say, "So long, suckers?"
Kristin Chenoweth

Because she will still thankfully be on television now that Pushing Daisies is pushing daisies. Kristin Chenoweth will now star in David E. Kelley's latest legal dramedy, legally Mad, next season.

Kelley is a writer/producer well suited for her talents. it is a great match.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (1932-2008)

The Grim Reaper has been terribly brutal this year. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the First Lady of Star Trek, passed away early this morning after a long battle with leukemia.

Roddenberry was associated with Trek before there even was a trek. She played the first Officer opposite Jeffery hunter in the original, unaired pilot. When the show eventually went to series, Roddenberry dyed her hair blonde to distinguish from her previous look and joined the cast as Christine Chapel, Dr. Bones McCoy’s assistant. Roddenberry has either acted in or lent her voice to every incarnation of Trek since then, from playing Lwaxana Troi to voicing the computer even on up to J. J. Abrams’ reimagining due out in 2009. The film is said to be in the can, so presumably she recorded her part before passing on.

Her career was limited to acting in Trek series. She has starred in various soap operas and shows in and out of science fiction. she also brought a couple of her late husband Gene’s ideas to the screen, Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda. she has been a staple of science fiction for over forty years. She will be missed.

Godspeed, Ms. Roddenberry.
The Torture Debate Continues

Watch this eight minute video before reading any further:While George W. Bush is in the midst of his farewell tour trying to salvage any positive aspects of his presidency, Dick Cheney is doing his part to lay out the reality of things. One of the key parts is a recent interview in which Cheney admitted the United States would have invaded Iraq even if they knew Saddam Hussein had no WMD (They knew he did not to begin with.) and justified the torture of Al Qaeda prisoners. The former has been done to death, but the latter is still worth talking about.

The left appears to be breathing easier now that Barack Obama has been elected president. I assume they are not naïve enough to assume our enemies now wish us no harm, but they be legitimately thinking our tactics in fighting them will mellow out. I have my doubts. For all his faults, Obama is a pragmatist. He knows what wil happen to his legacy if we have another 9/11 on his watch. The question is how much of a hard line is he willing to take. Hence, the torture argument is still relevant.

But unfortunately, so is much of the left’s limp wristed arguments against. The above video is fairly typical. I will admit the moral line is fuzzy. For me, waterboarding is fine, but shooting toes off one by one is not. I cannot explain that one other than perhaps I have an aversion to permanent maiming. But the fact is, if I am willing to allow the former, then I must be open to applying various methods of torture to those I deem necessary to torture. I also question the efficacy of torturing fanatics. If I understood the mindset better, I would have a better answer there.

So while I think Michael Smerconish goes too far in his argument favoring torture, Chris Matthews and Christopher Hitchens do not go far enough. Al Qeada is not going to lighten up on its methods because we havew stopped torturing them. They are not going to be more merciful to those they have captured. It might make you feel good that you are wrestling with your conscience over issues, but when a skyscraper full of thousands of innocent people is collapsing because of a terrorist attack, moral philosophizing goes out the window in the name of survival.

Matthews misses this point when when he claims the morality of torturing Al Qaeda comes from nationalism and compares it to Japan torturing Doolittle’s Raiders in the name of national defense. The United States is trying to defend its way of life and national survival. Japan was trying to maintain a brutal imperialistic government that was stomping all over the Pacific. There is your moral authority. Ask yourself—what is the best case scenario, Al Qaeda wins or the United States does?

I really do not want to say I am an ends justifies the means guy, but I see the value of sacrificing some principles for the sake of defeating an enemy who would give me far less respect. If Al Qaeda got its hands on me, I would not be waterboarded. I would be beheaded without any debate over the morality of the act. I cannot say the knowledge I would not do the same if the roles were reversed is any consolation with my head plopped in a basket somewhere. What good are principles when you are dead but the bad guys keep on living?
Gays Not Happy With Rick Warren, Barack Obama

The selection of rick warren to give the inaugural invocation is the main headline today. Or rather, the reaction of hopping mad progressives, particularly homosexual rights advocates, is the dominant headline of the day. Evidently, sexual orientation has replaced race as the obsession of the left. It is about time. I was sick of everyone other than an enlightened liberal being branded a racist. “Homophobe’ is a nice change of pace… sorta.

A couple things surprise me. First, warren’s opposition to gay marriage has trumped his adamant pro-life stance. Are abortion rights no longer a holy cause for the left? Surely it is. As I recall, there was much consternation on the left when Warren confronted Barack obama at the Saddleback interview (Well, what would you call it?) over abortion. The question was above Obama’s pay scale, yet somehow the presidency is not. Go figure. Seconds, and more importantly, Obama has been very open how he is against gay marriage. So why the surprise?

I honestly do not know much about Obama’s religious beliefs. I have to assume Jeremiah Wright railed against homosexuality as much as he did the ‘evils’ of Amerikkka. If so, I imagine Obama has the notion that homosexuality is a sin. Perhaps for him religion trumps politics. That would e something the left is not used to. Heck, for them, liberalism is a religion.

All that said, Obama has a history of getting rid of inconvenient people. If gays rattle sabers too much, he will dump Warren to appease them. Then again, they could not prevent gay marriage approved in deep blue California. Do gays have enough political clout for Obama to take seriously?
Scarlett Johansson in a Bikini

Something to warm you up because it is really cold outside.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caroline Kennedy 2016

Talk about getting ahead of themselves. Democrats have not yet even forced Caroline Kenndy on New Yorkers yet, but they are already running her for president:
If Caroline Kennedy is appointed to the Senate and wins reelection, and Barack Obama serves two successful terms, Senator Kennedy from New York, into her second term after two high-profile campaigns, having amazed the pundits with her ability to step on and off charter jets in Rochester and be friendly to members of the City Council, will be an automatic top-tier candidate for president.

The Kennedy-Clinton primary will be a thing to watch.
Nah. Barack obama is more likely to throw Joe Biden under the bus and run with Kennedy in his 2012 reelection.

But seriously, the Kennedy mystique does mesmerize those liberals, no? she is not even in the Senate yet, much less run for reelection, or even shown an interest in legislative politics, for that matter. These guys are thinking about her run for the presidency? i understand since they happily nominated Obama, the experience bar is not set really high, but come on.

I am guessing she has no idea what being a senator is like. She just believes in that Kennedy Entitlement to power. It is the same sense of entitlement that forced JFK, Jr. to take the bat exam four times before passing. What, a Kennedy have to work for something? Nay, it should be handed to them. there are apparently plenty of starry eyed democrats willing to do so.