Friday, January 21, 2005


This show is starting to really cook. It reminds me of the X-Files' best days. The kidnapped Clair shows up in the last scene, but we can't tell if she is still pregnant and we find out the kid has some sort of powers that possibly created the monster that's in the jungle. I note any sci fi show with a continued storyline, the first season is a misdirection, so I'd be fascinated to see where this is actually headed.

If you'll excuse the political scientist that lurks witin me, I see some philosphical underpinnings inherent in certain characters. John Locke is named after English philosopher John Locke, who theorized that before modern society, people lived in the wild in a state of equality and happiness. Likewise, Danielle Rousseau is named for Jean Jacques Rousseau, a French philosopher who wrote that society is corrupt, and that when removed from society, man can become truly noble.

Neither is correct, mind you. Man is corrupt, therefore society is corrupt. there is no distinction between being in society or away from it. Regardless, it's nice to know my Political Science degree hasn't gone *completely* to waste. Just mostly.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Malthusian Enthusiasm

As a firm believer of Jeffersonian Agrarianism and Malthusian Economics, I noticed with great interest this article detailing a United nations report predicting devastating disasters that may befall megacities. The gist of the report is that these megacities are overpopulated, underbuilt, and too poor to sustain themselves. Even modren cities such as Tokyo are at risk for the damage and loss of life simlar to the tsunami that hit the Far Esat in December.

All that said, there's a reason there is a population flight to the suburbs and finally to the countrysides. Cities are a dehumanizing and desensitizing force. they don't call them concrete jungles because Tarzan swings through in his BVDs. No, those mean streets are hotbeds of poverty and violence. Even the upscale have a deep sense of fear that leads to hostility towards each other. Many of your average city dwellrs are a hot meal and a good night's sleep away from viking barbarism.

The solution? not an easy, or even lausible one at the moment, but it has been advocated by the great philosophers like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Malthus, and moe Howard: spread out!. Just don't don't slap anyone or give them an eye poke. I'm trying to help cut down on such things.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Alternative Dispute Resolution

[Homer Simpson is trying to buy a gun, but is unaware of the Brady Bill]

"Five day waiting period? But I'm angry now!"--Homer.

Improvise, my man. Improvise.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


I put this off long enough.

From the stats tracker I ca tell two things. One, most of my visitots are hunting infromation on diverticulitis, and two, no one has any clue how to spell it. (But just to help out the search engine: divaticulitis.) The story thus far bares repeating. in May, I had eye surgery to repair a detached retina in my only eye with correctable vision. It failed, by the way, becuse of too much scar tissue left over from the previous attempt to repair it. The retina simpy wouldn't stick and came completely off. The surgeon prescribed Predazone, a steriod, in an attempt to minimize scar tissue formation. No one knew I diverticulitis at the time.

Diverticulitis is extremely rare in someone my age and particularly aggressive. It is also dagerously aggresvated by steriods. My colon ruptured, the diseased part was cut out, and I was given a colostomy that was to be taken down in eight weeks or so. When i was cut open for that take down surgery, the surgeon discovered the diverticulitis had spread to more of my colon. The colostomy couldn't be reversed without doing the whole procedure again.

Because there is no way to stop the spread other than cutting up the dieased part of my colon, it is continuing to spread regardless, and the complications of an abcess, obstruction, or peritinitis infection, the best ting to do is let nature take its course. What that means is anybody's guess, unfortunately. This is a condition that occurs in the elderly, so the notion of long term effects is for all intents and purposes unknown. I am curently not symptomatic, but neither was I when my colon ruptured in the first place.

I have no clue wha comes next, so I take it one day at a time. Then again, don't we all?