Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Eyes Have it

I didn't post last night, but yesterday was busy, and i had a lot on my mind. I have an appointment with an eyesurgeon tomorrow. I've lost enough visual accuity because of floasters to warrant surgery. Assuming there is no more serious problem (like a detached retina) it should be too intrusive. Llaser surgery in the office most likely, or possibly a more serious 'vaxuuming" procedure to remove the vitreous material. That would be more of a pain, but manaeable.

I'll know more tomorrow of how things are going to go. Come to think of, whatever "goes" will have alread happened on the same day as far as you guys n' gals are concerned. I imagine of surgery is performed tomorrow, writing about it isn't within the realm of possibility. I'll be back eventually, however. You may cheer or jeer as you deem necessary.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Crossing the Rubicon

This has certainl been a gloomy day. It's cloudy, rainy, dark even at noon, and bad news to top it all off. Yikes. i've got tons of things on my mind. How in the world soes anyone stay sane and handle these moments of transition? Curently, i am:

1. Planning to move, although i have no place ro live yet.

2. Studying for three exams, which seem like an inconsequential concern even thought they most certainly are not.

3. Have to figure out what to take and what to dump.

4. I need to have my eyes checked at some point before the bar review course starts just in case these floaters are a sign of something worse.

5. I have to study for the bar exam.

6. My first loan payment is due in November. My first born goes to Access Group in an unholy deal.

7. My bar resultsdon't come back until October. Have longtime readers figured out what a wreck I'll be by then?

8. I may fail it. That means 2005 before I'll know for sure if I can practcie law at all.

9. I found a white hair. Not grey,.White. On my head. At 27.

10. Personal issues, you ask? Why, yes. I have some baggage.

Hmm. i think ten will do for now. Come back later. You can watch me get blowed up good. Blowed up real good.


Sunday, April 11, 2004

Memories of Occupied Japan

Here's one more I'll share for the evening. This is Doing Photography and Social Research in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951: A Personal and Professional Memoir. These are 360 photographs of Allied-occupied Japan after World War Two, taken by anthropologist John W. Bennett, arranged in portfolios with comments by Bennett and links to large images. A neat find for a history buff like me, especially as I often neglect the equally fascinating pacific Theatre for the European part of the Second World War.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I hope everyone had a nice easter. I had a really good, quiet day. i meant to do my laundry, but, alas, it never got done. There is always tomorrow. since it was cloudy and rainy, there was a decent excuse to do nothing of consequence all day. i'll probably pat for my laziness later. I'll probably pay for it tomorrow, since I only half heartedly read for Federal Courts. Heh. I'm usually just as clueless after reading those assignments as i was before, so how much of a detriment could it possibly be?

I have a line on what might be a good apartment in Columbia. The owner is a professional," hands off" type landlord who only rents to law and medical students--no undergrads. It's a quiet, dead end street, and he wants to keep it that way. The only drawback i currently see is that it is fully furnished. That sounds ike an off complaint, but after all the upheaval I've been through in the last year, combined with having to settle down in anew place, makes me want to have my own familiar things around me. Yes, it is going to be a pain in the behind to get my stuff from Virginia to South Carolina, but there isn't much that has come easy in recent memory.

I'm torn. i eish my vacation had been longer, yet I also want to get school over with, too. Even though the future is pretty much up in the air right now, I have reverted back to my elementary school dats. Back then you didn't care what was going to happen durin the summer, you were just happy school was out. That is how ifeel, most assuredly for the last time in my life. Unless some fine legal institution sees fit to give me a teaching position somewhere. I'd rather be appointed to the bench, but I'm not too picky at this point.
Easter Greetings

I should have posted this before Garfield, I know. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle for me.

Here's hoping everyone has a happy and peaceful Easter. the world is rapixly falling apart, and Christ is the only thing than can save it. Let us remember that as the true meaning of this holiday, and not colored eggs and wascally wabbits.

God bless.
Worth Noting

The Garfield comic is actually funny today. Such eventsare rare enough tobeing to the public's attention.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Only Way to Live

Speaking of Parrot Heads, marginally, anyway, I heard this Eddie Raven song a little while ago. I hadn't heard it in years and forgot how much I liked it. i searched for the guitar tabs to see if I could learn it. it's only a few chords and should be fairly easy. Here are the lyrics. It has an upbeat, Mexican feel to it:

Joe Sure Knows How to Live
(Eddie Raven)

Blue monday morning at the factory gate,
Almost time to clock in
The boys are all betting that joe wouldn't show,
They'd seen him over the weekend
13 he had 4 new tires on that ol cadillac,
Betty the waitress, had some clothes in the back,
Dashboard full of road maps of mexico, joe knows how to live

He said women were made to love, money is made to spend
Life is something buddy , you will never live again
Oh I've got to admit it, joe sure knows how to live

By now they'll be down at the ocean,
He and betty stretched out somewhere
The only blue in his life, is the blue moonlite,
Bouncing off betty's blonde hair

Oh I can just see em rolling around in the sand,
I never thought, I was a jealous man,
But when I think what he's doing & what I'm not, oh I'm jealous a lot....

He said women were made to love, money is made to spend
Life is something buddy , you will never live again
Oh I've got to admit it, joe sure knows how to live


Now betty's back home with her mother,
Joe's back on the assembly line
But he brings in his pictures and his mexican hat,
Just to remind us sometimes....

He said women were made to love, money is made to spend
Life is something buddy , you will never live again
Oh I've got to admit it, joe sure knows how to live

Oh I hate to admit it, joe sure knows how to live

Man, they would have fired me if I'd had done that,
Another thing man,
I don't see how he got betty away from her mother,
That ol girl watches her all the time,
You think joe's wife know about that yet?
Paradise Lost

Jimmy Buffett Makes Hamburger Joint Change Its Name: Buffett threatened trademark infringement on the Maryland burger joint named Cheeseburger 'n Paradise. Buffett began a chain called Cheeseburger 'n paradise himself in 2002, named after his famous hit from the 1970's. The marylandcafe complied, despite thef fact that it has been around for ten years. The moral of the story? Don't mess with a Parrot Head. (of which i am one, by the way.)
Balancing Act

Can You Balance the Budget? No, no I can't. We don't actually need to, either. With a spending freeeze, the budget would be back in tip top shape in five years. Is that likely to happen? Of course not. The idea of small government conservatism has long since given up the ghst. Where is rhe 21st Century's Barry Goldwater?

Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday

The title is appropriate: it has been a good Friday. The weather was nice and sunny, and i didn't have a thing in the world to do but stroll an open mall nearby. I ean into one of pete's friends in the Master's of Public Administration program. he's planning to go to law school next fall. Another good soldier fallen, say I.

I came back home home after eating out and practiced the basic chords on my guitar. Since both pete and the Little Drummer Boy upstairs (Hm. Sounds like a decent title for a children's book. I may look into that.) asre gone, so I could cut loose as long as i wanted to. I'm having a hardtime building up the speed necessary to switch chords quickly enough to sound decent, but i'm working on it slowly but surely.

If anyone cares, I'm over the chip on my soulder I had yesterday. Leaving my last class last night took a weight off for a while, as i knew it would. Virtually no one showed up for that class anyway. Actually, virtually no one shows up to any class anymore. Things are *really( winding down.

I've been taking assessment of all the stuff i ave accumulated over the last three years to decide what i want to take with me. Some of this stuff is going with me, some of it is going to live with God. It's all of matter of deciding which is which. I've noticedthe neighbots who know I am graduating are being extra nice nice. One would almost suspect they were window shopping. Naaaaah

Anyhow, I expect more of the same tomorrow. Check back then for extensive coverage.
A Sure Sign the Apocalypse Is Upon Us

NASCAR Ballet: The dumbing down of America is complete. There is officially no distinction between high and low culture.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Epitome of Self-Centeredness

So legislation class is finally over and I am packing up my stuff. Behind me, a girl who came in late started chatting with her neighbor. She had been passed the attendance sheet--

(Digression: It was incredibly awkward to go from the University of South Carolina, where no one cared if you ever showed up as long as your financial aid cleared, to having to fill out attendance seets in every class in law school. It seems like an odd thing for one in his late twenties to have to woory with. End of digression.)

--and rather than get up, interrupting her important conversation, she tapped a fellow on the row in front of her (thankfully not me) to give the sheet to the professor. Now understand, this is a super nice guy, totally in tune with other people's feelings and needs. A prme target to be taken advantage of, especially by the females of the species. That is, of course exactly what happened.

He stopped packing his books, got up, walked across the room, gave the professor the atendance sheet, and sat bacl down to pack up. All this without an valid excuse as to why Ms. Late Comer couldn't do this herself, particularly when she was twenty minutes late to begin with. Truth be told, she neve even slowed down in her discussion with her neighbor.

Now, why is this irking me as much as it is? i have no earthly idea. Maybe i'm just clinging on to the last vestiges of pettiness before i have to join the real world. Maybe this goes back to my diression about how folks in their late twenties ought to be more mature and considerate. Maybe it's because I've seen one of the things I hatemost in the world: some self, overly aggressive person take advantage of the decency of someone ese.

Hm. I thought writing this all down might get if off my mind. It hasn't. Oh, well. I'm glad this is the last day before Easter vacation. I believe I'm getting even more world weary than usual. That's certainly not a good thing to be at this point.

We'll end on a positive note: the Dean has approved my graduation application, so I can walk next month. Whoo hoo!
I Don't Know How That Happened

You're Turkey!

You have a good deal of history behind you, both good and bad, but through it all, you've become a leader among your friends. You have an uncanny ability to make friends with people who hate each other, though sometimes you just hate them instead. Surprisingly fickle, you keep a good balance in your life between religion and humanism, but most people think you're fanatical anyway. You're Istanbul, you're Constantinople.

Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Tet Offensive II

Oops. I haven't waxed poetic on international affairs in awhile. They are going to take away my membership card and secret decoder ring if I don't speakup, so....

The Cleric Al Sadr is obviously trying to have a "Tet effect," an echo of North Vietnam's 1968 offensive, which was a battlefield disaster for the North Vietnamese but a media (and hence political) victory. He is multiple "hotspots" to seed the impression of broad insurrection. It's a clever gambit, staging gunfights in Basra, Kut and Baghdad, and leverages contemporary cable Tv's appetite for 24-7 repetition and magnification. One should take note that the Tet Offensive was a disater for the North Vietnamese (it did wonders for Walter Kronkite, though.) and that even John Kerry has expressed support fr thie US military response.

Now if he could just get Ted Kennedy to shut up.

Hear That?

It's the sound of the refrigerator humming. pete left for Texas to spend easter with hi family, so I have the place all to myself until Tuesday. I only have two classes left this week, too, and one is a "war stories" session from a lititgator. The professortss, it would appear, have taken the hint that the 3Ls don't give a rat's behind anymore. Don't they know the BAR EXAM is looming on the horizon???!!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Tenacity At Its Finest

For 36 years, Harold Gray has been on an extraordinary mission -- to recover what may be the most famous stolen coin collection in the United States. Since October 1967, when five hooded gunmen invaded the Coconut Grove estate of chemical empire heir Willis Harrington duPont, binding the family with silk neckties and stealing the valuable coin collection from duPont's safe, Gray has been on the case. ''We remain,'' he says today, ``in hot pursuit.''

Monday, April 05, 2004

Exit Stage Left

I'm running short on time tonight. I had my exit interview today, hence the above title. I just grinned and said I had a lovely experience here over the last three years. I suggested adding an Insurance class to the curriculum and mentioned the vendetta an adjunct professor carried on last semester with a classmate that i thought was disruptive and unprofessional. All in all, I tried to show I put some thought into my responses. Dean McPherson as the first professor i ever encountered here, so this meeting was a nice bit of symmetry.

I got called on in both Federal Courts and the make up Legislation class. Yuck times two.

I still need to finish the Motion in Limine for tomorrow, so I must be off.
I Can Live With That

William Safire
You are William Safire! You're ruthless and
cunning, and a conservative demigod. You used
to write speeches for Nixon. Now you write
another column on the English language which
has made you the world's most popular
etymologist. You hate media deregulation, but
love the Bush administration. If only you
weren't such a brilliant writer. You bastard.

Which New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Local Pols

I haven't paid much attention to the local politicians in Virginia. While I am sure they are just as petty, greedy, and short sighted as the ones back home, I am convinced their scandals are not nearly as much fun to watch. Who can top Operation Lost Trust, the FBI sting that had to be stopped so we'd still have a Legslature, the whole Confederate Flag bruhaha, or some of the real estate development shenanigans that go on with the City Council in Columbia?

Well, I'll tell you who: The Richmond City Council.

I offer as proof the following from the bribery trial of Richmond City Councilwoman Gwen Hedgepeth:

"I don't know why he was giving me the money," Hedgepeth testified about the $2,000. "I was confused. . . . I thought Mr. Davis was giving me two thousand dollars as a campaign contribution."

But, according to the FBI transcript, during the conversation, [cooperating witness] Davis tells Hedgepeth she can spend the money as she chooses. "It's cash. Buy things that you need."

Hedgepeth says to Davis: "So, I'm hearing you say that this is not a campaign contribution."

"This is not a campaign contribution," Davis replies.

*Sniff* Make me homesick, why don't you?

(FYI-- Councilwoman Hedgepeth was convicted on Friday, and subsequently resigned her seat on the City Council. And the beat goes on.)
Play Ball

The State of Baseball on Opening Day: George Will examines the status of our nation pastime. No, not lawsuits, but the game of baseball. Although its been sullied by a steroids scandal, baseball is actually doing better business than it has in years, even though actual "in the seats" fan attendance is down. This column examines some plans baseball has to promote itself among young people who have ben swayed by the faster paced games of baseball and hovkey. I've always said baseball is chess on a field and, in so being, is a game for the patient and observant. Sadly, people nowadays are often neither.

My team, the Atlanta Braves, are expected to finish no better than third in the formidable National League East Division. Perhaps that will be good enough for a wild card spot. It's going to be touigh without Gary Sheffield, and Javy Lopez's and Greg Maddox's best days were behind them. I'm not too upset the two of them are gone. We had some fun years with them, though. I hope it's another contending year.
Neat Discovery

For some reason, it surprises me that Sean Connery has a web page. It's a nice page, too, and more personal than one would expect from his gruff persona. Check it out.

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Just to be amusing, let me explain the evidence the Motion is trying to exclude, lest you think lawyers deal with weighty, intellectual issues day in and day out. It's called a "Day in the Life" video. Basically, someone who has been injured in an accident makes a video of his daily routine--how difficult it is to brush his teeth, eat, go to the bathroom, open the mail, etc. You get the idea. They are played for tears, and are incredibly boring to watch. Maybe I am just a hardened jerk, but I fail to see how juries can fall for 90% of them.

I think i've just reused an entry title from sometime last summer. It's difficult to come up with these pithy titles at least once a day, you know? it's an apprpriate title regardless of it's orginality. I had hoped to see Hellboy this afternoon, but no such luck. About once a month i have to give up a Saturday to complete some deadlines, and this woundup being such a Saturday. I have a Motion to Exclude Evidence with supporting memorandum due Tuesday afternoon, but with a make up class in Legislation Monday afternoon (50+ pages of reading) and my exit interview right before that (5+ pages of surveys), on top of the Federal Courts reading I normally have (30+ pages), I had to put a dent in some of that today.

That didn't stop me from playing a little Super Smash Brothers Melee, mind you. I hadn't picked that game up in over a year, but I got the whim to start playing again last night. Actually, this morning. Three A.M., too be exact. I finally beat the 100 Man Melee this morning and unlacked Falco. He has turned out to be one of the better characters to play with. Use Donkey Kong's Thunder clap relentlessly in the melee, and you can beat all 100 bad guys in less than four minutes. That's my useless tip for the day.

I got a note from the South Carolina Supreme Court requesting a handwriting sample as an identification measure. They asked me to sum up in fifty words or less why I wanted to practice law. Believe it or not, I got paranoid about my answrr. I know the examiners read 400 of these things, and they all say the same thing: I want to help people. There are a few weisenheimers who admit: I want to be rich (they'll fail theexam, if there is any justice in the world, which I doubt most of the time. Deciding what I wrote would be virtually meaningless, I said I had developed an interest in elder law and thought I'd be an asset to the legal community. It clocked in at thirty-four words. I'll probably never practice elder law a day in my life, but it sounded good at the time.

All right. Back to the millstone.
More Kong News

Upon scanning a few movie sites (Whoo hoo! Hellboy opened this weekend!) I note Adrien Brody has been added to the cast of Peter Jackson's King Kong remake. Brody was great in The Pianist. Too bad he's more famous for liplocking Halle Berry at the oscars than he is for his acting. This brings up a thought, though. Since Jack Black is playing Carl Denham, will they rename Skull island to Skull of Rock?


Thankyew,thankyew, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be here all week, and the two drink minimum has been waived.
Why They Earn the Big Bucks

Just as national Democratic operatives had grown optimistic about retaining the U.S. Senate seat in South Carolina left vacant by the retirement of Sen. Ernest F. Hollings, they were stunned when Democratic candidate Inez Tenenbaum endorsed a proposed amendment to the federal constitution banning gay marriage.

Tenenbaum's advisers contend that endorsement was necessary for her to win in socially conservative South Carolina. However, important party strategists in Washington and New York believe she has committed a serious blunder by alienating the homosexual community and its supporters

Because as every political insider in New York and Washington know, South Carolina is the San Francisco of the East Coast. Are these bozos for real? I hope the DNC demands a refund.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Chivalry Isn't Dead

A Knight Templar Challenges Osama Bin Laden to a Duel to the Death: Seriously. Bad deal for Bin Laden, though. All he would get is the booby prize of a severed head on a pike. Sweeten the deal and offer to shutdown the United States for a weekend or so.

Well There You Go

Bomb Found on Railway in Spain: Further proof that appeasement doesn't work. All they've down is encourage other groups to apply the same tactics and pressure.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Uh Oh

My buddy Mike and I are pretty similar as far as intelligence, study habits, and acumen for the law go. Since he graduated in December, I had an opportunity through him to see how I would likely handle the bar review courses and the exam. I assumed, even though he was taking it in another jurisdiction, I could still draw on some simlarities. Well, i certainly hope not now. He failed the North Carolina bar.

It snapped me to attention. It's going to be a long, hard summer.
John Sack (1930-2004)

Here is the obituary for John Sack was the adventuring reporter who wrote the landmark Esquire article on the My Lai Massacre. Many claim that aticle has never been substantially refuted. You may judge for yourself by reading it, here. I'm not endorsing or refuting the article. i am showing admiration for a fascinating journalist who was in the thick of things right up until the end. You've got to respect that.