Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrate Three Million Blog Hits with Kaley Cuoco

Sometime over night while I was snoozing, Siemeter recorded The Eye’s 3,000,000th hit.   The actual visitor was off the radar by the time I checked my stats, so I cannot identify what he was looking for the way I did when The Eye rolled over the previous million visitor milestones.  Bummer.  Missing out on such things is tough for a stats junkie. 

I am going to take a wild guess and say my three millionth visitor was a European searching for Kaley Cuoco photos.  The time of night was right, and Cuoco is the main attraction here as of late.  If not, here is a bonus Kaley Cuoco Day to celebrate regardless.  No complaints, I assume?

Thanks to all my visitors who made reaching three million possible.  I am particularly grateful to those who did not give up on The Eye  in the months after surgery when I virtually disappeared.  I am the first to admit the blog has done little more than limp along in recent times, but it does me good to know you are all still hanging in there with me. 

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