Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogroll Spotlight #175

It is time for the weekly round up of favorite posts from my blogroll. These are not ranked, but in alphabetical order by blog title.  If you would like a specific post listed next week, you may email it to me and I will include it.

Adrienne's Corner-Bill Whittle: What's Coke got to do with it?...
American Perspective-Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Obama Re Benghazi Hearings #GoGetEm #BenghaziInFourWords
Bluegrass Pundit--Report: CBS News reporter who is doggedly pursuing Benghazi story nay be dropped by CBS
Camp of the Saints-The Left’s Disregard For Individuals – Even Their Own
Classic Liberal-Submission Training
Daley Gator--DaleyGator DaleyBabe Jessica Lowndes
Diogenes' Middle Finger-Obama Test First Environment Friendly 'Green Condom'
Fishersville Mike-Blast from the Past
Gormogons-A Gormogon Mother's Day
In a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World--Friday Pin Up
Motor City Times-When you get down to brass tacks liberals really want a Universal Basic Income
Other McCain-#JayCarneyExcuses Don’t Make Me Give You The Full Jessup Again
Paco Enterprises-John Kerry, er, lurches from success to success
Pirate's Cove-If All You See...
Proof Positive-"Just One Bad Lie after Another..."
Randy's Roundtable-Thursday Nite Tart (Kelly Brook Rule 5 Palooza)
Reaganite Republican-Reaganite's sunday Funnies
Sentry Journal-Once again the lamestream media buries the Benghazi story
Teresamerica-Mother of Slain Benghazi Victim Blames Hillary Clinton & Wants Answers
Troglopundit-Now what we need to do is, we need to get all these 78,000 people to move to Ohio. Or maybe Florida.
We the People-Why Obama Hid the Truth of Benghazi?
Woodsterman--For You Thong Wearers ....
Zilla of the Resistance-Under the Fedora: On and On and On

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