Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Three Stooges--From Nurse to Worse

From Nurse to Worse is the ultimate example of pumping out a stooge short in a hurry.  Aside from filling sixteen minutes of screen time with recycled gags, the short does absolutely nothing.

The Stooges are wallpaper haners who run into their old friend Jerry.  Jerry is now rich off an insurance scam in which he fake a mental illness and now collects $500 a month disability.   The Stooges attempt the same scam with curly pretending he is a dog.  The plan backfires when the doctor insists on performin a lobotomy.  The trio escape in the back of a dog catcher’s truck, but are eventually found by the doctor an police.  Moe and Larry successfully rescue Curly from surgery, and give Jerry a working over when they run into him outside.

You want recycled gags?  We got recycled gags.  Aside from Curly’s over the top dog impression, the stooges escape from the cops in a professional’s truck, goof around with dogs, use the Charlie with the funny walk trick to escape a guard, and reuse the scene of strapping a bed sheet to a hospital gurney in order to sail down the street. 

In other words, if it has been done before, it is being done again in Nurse to Worse so what is the point?

Rating: * (out of 5) 

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