Monday, April 01, 2013

Opening Day

It is Opening Day for the 2013 Major League Baseball season.   I meant to write some thoughts about the impending season earlier today, but things got in the way.  The day’s games are already over.  I did get to watch my beloved Atlanta Braves deeat the Philadelphia Phillies, so it was a good ay regardless. 

A few random thoughts under the better lter than never rationale:

As much as I love my Braves, I cannot see them doing any better than winning the wild card and falling out of the playoffs with it.   I imagine they will lose to the Los Angeles dodgers, who will be a good team, but not good enough to take the NL West from the San Francisco Giants.  Come on, Braves.  Surprise me!

How did the Braves replace the retired Chipper Jones?  They did not. 

The Miami Marlins have been stripped down for a likely fire sale after ownership cheated the taxpayers out of a new stadium.  They will definitely wind up in last place even with all the New York Mets’ troubles, but they will not lose a hundred games.  The Fightin’ fish always manage to surprise critics. 

It is weird to see the Houston Astros playing the Texas Rangers and know it is not an interleague game.  The NL no longer has a team in Texas.  How long before San Antonio becomes the new city teams will threaten to move to as a bargaining chip for better stadiums?    Will the beleaguered cities look to Miami and balk?  Heck, will the Marlins eventually move to San Antonio?  I assume they are the most likely suspects.  Are the Pittsburgh Pirates still flirting with Charlotte? 

I still despise interleague play, but at least with an odd number of teams in each league now, the games feel more slipped in as an afterthought than some month long pseudo-event.  You are on the edge of your seat in anticipation of a Milwaukee Brewers v.  Kansas City Royals series, right?

I am not much of an observer of AL goings on, but the amount of money the New York Yankees are paying Alex Rodriguez--more per annumthan the entire Astros’ payroll--looks more foolsh every year.  This year will be the worst.  The geriatric Yankees are not likely to even make the playoffs, much less give Rodriuez a chance to choke in the postseason.  Again.

Will the Washington Nationals win it all?  Doubtful.  They are largely the same team that has been full on promise, but low on results for the last few years.  I will bet they cannot get past the Giants pitching staff come October.  

Play ball!

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