Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blogroll Spotlight #171

It is time for the weekly round up of favorite posts from my blogroll. These are not ranked, but in alphabetical order by blog title.  If you would like a specific post listed next week, you may email it to me and I will include it.

Adrienne's Corner-Interesting Morning...
American Perspective-Welcome to the 6th Hour
American Power-Sunday Cartoons
Camp of the Saints-Rule 5 Saturday: Amanda Ammann
Classic Liberal-Available for Lease
Daley Gator--Did gun rights “snooker” Democrats?
Diogenes' Middle Finger-Joe Biden Vows ‘To Be The First In’ During Any North Korea Nuke Strike
Fishersville Mike-Important voices in gun debate
In a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World--Friday Pin Up
Motor City Times-Hawaii Clears Land For Thirty Meter Telescope- Construction Starting 2014
Other McCain-Teenage Girls on Trial in Canada for Running Prostitution Ring
Paco Enterprises-Sunday Funnies
Pirate's Cove-If All You See...
Proof Positive-Quote du Jour
Randy's Roundtable-Making Sense of Democrats
Reaganite Republican-Reaganite's Sunday Funnies
Sentry Journal-Bill Maher believes the second amendment is “bullsh*t”
Teresamerica-Six Year Old Drummer Prodiy
Troglopundit-You didn’t think they were gonna let you keep that money, did you?
We the People-I Hope They Go to Prison, I Hope They Get Eviscerated While There
Woodsterman--Who is Woodsterman?
Zilla of the Resistance-Counterjihad Thanks and Links

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