Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Three Stooges--Mutts to You

The Stooges display their softer side yet again in Mutts to You  when they mistakenly assume a baby has been abandoned and take it home and fatten him up before turning the baby into the police. But soon realizing their error and desperately trying to put thins right.  No good deed goes unpunished, folks.

A well-to-do young couple with a baby are planning an evening in Palm Springs when the husband decides he is going to pick up his dog from the Stooges’ groomers along the way.  Incensed her husband is going to take the dog with them, his wife drives back home while he is inside.  She has forgotten her key to the house, however, and leaves her baby on the front porch while she goes around to the backdoor.  The stooges happen by and, believing the baby to be abandoned, rescue him.

The next morning, the Stooges read about the kidnapping in the newspaper and realize their mistake.  They attempt to quietly make their way to te police station in order to turn the baby in with no further trouble, but are chased by a cop.  They are eventually recognized by the baby’s father as the dog groomers and the entire matter is cleared up. 

Moe and Larry disguise themselves as Chinese laundrymen at one point, but are questioned by a cop.  Moe responds in mock Chinese, but Larry answers in a combination of English and Yiddish:  "Ikh bin ah China boychik fun Slobodka un Ikh bet dir 'hak mir nit ah chaynik' and I don't mean efsher,” which translates to "I am a Chinese kid from Slobodka and I beg you don't bother me and I don't mean maybe." Moe replies that Larry is from china, East Side, a reference to the predominantly Jewish East Side of New York City.  Oddly enough, Moe was from New York city’s East Side.  Larry was born in Philadelphia. 

Mutts to You is an entertaining, but not particularly memorable short.  Th plotline of the stooges inadvertently becoming baysitters will be used again to more comedic effect in later shorts.  The short does feature a number of elaborate gadgets, such as the dog washing conveyer belt and the pulley for the baby’s crib, that feel more at home in an Our Gang short.  Chalk that up to Charley Chase, frequent Our Gang helmer, who directed Mutts to You

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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