Saturday, March 16, 2013

Formspring is Shutting Down

Just a little housekeeping note--Formspring is shutting down March 31st.   More precisely, one can ask questions only through March 31st.  Said questions can only be answered until April 15th.  The doors slam shut for good after that.  The Eye's version is disappearing a little sooner.

I have gone ahead and removed the widget that allowed visitors to ask questions even though there would be a couple weeks left to do so if it remained.   The number of questions I have received trickled down to nothing over my health hiatus and has not picked up with the relative increase in blogging.  Presumably, Formspring’s absence at the eye will not be considered a big loss. 

The only reason I mention the removal of the Formspring widget at all is because it was the only venue for trolls to work their voodoo.  I do not want anyone accusing me of getting rid of it for the purpose of silencing those critters.  On the bright side--for trolls, at least--one can still hide behind a screen name and go to town at will.

I am disappointed in Formspring’s demise.  The service made for the occasionally brilliant blogging content amid the numerous “Why won’t you review Enterprise?” that almost always clogged up my inbox.  If a decent alternative pops up somewhere, I may use it.  But until that happens--if that happens--iwe had a good run.  

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