Monday, March 11, 2013

Amorous Zoosk Heart Returns

I have posted one of these Zoosk commercials before with the commentary that overly affectionate heart is one disturbing way to promote an online dating site.  Zoosk has managed to top itself with its latest effort.

 What amuses me about it is how the reaction to the commercial would most certainly change if the gender roles were reversed.  As it is, a guy is explaining to his date that he loves greyhounds so much, he started a rescue foundation for retired racers.  She is so emotionally turned on by this that she fantasizes making out with him.

Now reverse the roles.

A pretty woman is explaining to her date that she loves greyhounds so much, she started a rescue foundation for retired racers.  All the guy can think about is making out with her, which means he naturally is not listenin to a word she is saying about something that is meaningful to her.

When it is a woman making the moves, it is funny.  When it is a man, it is chauvinistic, borderline date rape.  Welcome to modern culture.  Prepare for your sensitivity training. 

These commercials are weird regardless, but the different reaction Zoosk would receive by switching the gender of the characters makes it even odder. 

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