Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Three Stooges--Three Little Beers

Three Little Beers is the final stooge short made in 1935.  As with the final short of the previous year, Three Little Pigskins,  the title is a play on an old children’s story and features the stooges playing a sport they know nothing about.  They managed to pull this one off without any injuries, however, so there is a bonus.

The stooges are gainfully employed for once as deliverymen at Panther Pilser Brewery.  Panther Pilser is a play on the old phrase that bad beer is “panther p*ss.”  Stooge shorts had a way of slipping in some off color stuff, no?  The trio fin a flyer announcing a golf tournament in which the top prize is $100.  Even though they know nothing about golf, the stooges sneak into the country club to play in the tournament.

You can guess the results.  Moe creates a field of divots with his inept swings.  Curley decides to do his laundry in the ball washer and chops a tree down in order to get his lost ball out of it.  Larry begins pulling up a seemingly never ending root blocking his swing until he tears up a huge chunk of the green.  In response, they are chased off by management and security. 

The stooges escape in their delivery truck, but lose the barrels of beer when they reach a steep hill.  The three wind up battered by beer barrels in some impressive stunt work, particularly larry’s fall from a tree, and wind up stuck in wet cement.

The 1935 series of shorts started out slow, but end on a high note.  Three Little Beers has funny moments throughout, but the end sequence with the beer barrels rolling down the street after the stooges is the hilarious highlight.  The stunt work is extremely impressive.  How the boys did not get hurt performing them is beyond me.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

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