Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Pirate Looks at 36 and His Convalescence

Today is my 36th birthday, so I am now officially closer to forty than thirty. Ouch. Speaking of ouch, I could not let the day pass with the annual tradition of posting the above video even if I do have to tough it out in order to make it to the computer these days. Home healthcare is still working with me, but physical therapy and weight gain have mae only slow progress. I may be down more than up overall, but my surgical scar has completely healed, so there is good news.

To those who suggested drinking Ensure, I have been. I was introduced to them during the transition from clear liquids to solid food. They took a while to grow on me--they are like drinking melted ice cream--but I can usually get in one a day as a midnight snack, so I am essentially eating four meals a day on a good day. I remain about twenty pounds underweight.

Since I have been covering the Stargate franchise during 2012, here is a humorous Stargate SG-1 birthday video as a bonus:Thank you for all the continued prayers and well wishes. I will blog again when I can blog again.

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