Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Formspring Question #466--Armstrong's Weakness Edition

How do you feel about Lance Armstrong having his seven Tour de France titles stripped from him for doping? Did he give the US a black eye?
The only thing that bothers me about it is that the French suspected for a long time lance Armstrong was doping, and I chalked it up to frog jealousy over an American consistently winning their little bicycle race. To discover Armstrong really was doping means the French were right. That irritates me.

Armstrong’s disgrace must be giving the United States a black eye because the revelation did not make the headlines I would expect it to make. I like to think I am on top of things when it comes to current events, but I had no idea Armstrong was even in hot water until I heard Scott ott make a joke about it on Pajamas Media. Even then, I had to do a oogle news search to see what all had transpired. I am sure drudge must have had a headline at some point, but I di not see the scandal as a headline on even any sports sites. I came in late, so maybe the story did not have legs rather than the press hoping to bury a story about an athletic hero’s disgrace.

While I am certain Armstrong’s admission of cheating will cause broad anti-American sentiment overseas, it is Armtrong himself who really looks bad. He is a cancer survivor who has done lot of fundraising for cancer research, so I certainly want to go easy on my criticism, but cheating and lying about it while others are defending him from accusations of cheating is the worst kind of dishonesty.

I am not particularly interested in the Tour de France. I did not even make the minimal effort it would have taken to watch a small leg of the race when I was attening the University of Strasbourg in the summer of 2002. I more or less compelled to mock the French whenever possible, so Armstrong was the accidental beneficiary of my jabbing a frequent adversary. If I had a deeper interest in cycling, I would be more emotional about the whole affair. As it is, I am disappointed in Armstrong, but do not personally think it is a big deal. I can see why it would be to a fan.

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