Friday, October 19, 2012

Formspring Question #465--Tagg Team Match Edition

How seriously should Tagg Romney take Lawrence O'Donnell's challenge?
Not very seriously at all. Lawrence O'Donnell's "challenge" to a fistfight with Tagg Romney is just some red meat O'Donnell threw out on his show to get his audience fired.

O’Donnell said he does not believe Tagg Romney has ever been in a fistfight before or else he would not be talking so tough. I have seen this rhetoric many times before in silly internet debates. One guy challenges another on a point, and in response the one challenged asserts the other guy does not know anything on the subject so as to avoid debating the issue entirely.

I have had personal experience with this. I recall seeing a progressive on a message board some years ago using talking points from the Naom Chomsky book Defending Democracy when it was obvious he was getting them from a secondary source. Probably another message board. I had unfortunate read Chomsky thanks to his being a pet author for a political science professor in college, so I challenged him to debate the whole shebang, noting that by his rhetoric, he clearly had not read it. He assured me that, as a conservative, I had not read anything deeper than a cereal box top, and slinked off to his natural leftwing circle jerk habitat. This sort of exchange happens all the time.

Does anything really think either O’Donnell or Lawrence has ever thrown a punch in their lives? In the remotest possible chance the challenge was serious, the two would have a Seinfeldian slap fight at best so as not to damage their multimillion dollar faces an knuckles. If Tagg is ever asked about the matter, he should laugh it off O’Donnell’s challenge as the ranting of a lunatic. He would not be far from the truth. O’Donnell’s act is all kabuki theater for the tiny number of progressives who tune into his show every night.

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