Friday, October 12, 2012

Formspring Question #460--Veep Debate Evaluation Edition

Thoughts on the debate? I think it was a tie (Biden was passionate and aggressive for a despairing base; Ryan was calm and collected to intro him to the middle). Think it will help Dems more in the polls, though, as they will get an enthusiasm bump.
You are really not interested in my opinion on the debate. You just want your pro-barack Obama stance on The Eye. Regardless, I am never ne to pass up a chance to spout off my opinion, so here we go.

I do not think you can accurately describe Joe Biden as passionate or aggressive. Perhaps you are mistaking passion for drama. Biden acted as though the thought of allowing paul Ryan any time to speak morally offended him. His arrogant constant smirking and laughing at Ryan reminded me way too much of Al gore at his first debate with Bush 43. It looks like Biden had the same strategy as Gore--act like your opponent is an idiot and assume voters will, too. That is not happening with Ryan. He is a aharp cookie who know his stuff and never let Biden get under his skin.

The Obama campaign is not going to et any boost from last night’s debate for three reasons. One, Biden did not even do well, much less score a knock out punch. Two, the debate needed to win over independents, not fire up Democrats who are already on board. Finally, it is the vice-presidential debate. Its purpose is largely to demonstrate the judgment of the presidential candidate by who he chose as his running mate. If you want to claim Biden as veep demonstrates good judgment on obama’s part, God bless you in making the argument.

I will agree with you the debate was more or less a tie, but only because Biden and the moderator barely allowed Ryan to get a thought out there without interruption. If biden had challenged Ryan on the issues rather than channel Heath Ledger’s Joker, Ryan would have won a decisive victory. Which is, of course, why Biden acted the way he did. Ryan was definitely right the Obama camp must rely on negative ads and strange tactics to avoid substantive issues because they have nothing else in the arsenal. In such a case, a tie goes to whomever is currently winning. That would be Romney/Ryan.

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