Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blogroll Spotlight #167

It is time for the weekly round up of favorite posts from my blogroll. These are not ranked, but in alphabetical order by blog title. If you would like a specific post listed next week, you may email it to me and I will include it.

Adrienne's Corner-Cover Up; Benghazigate
American Perspective-Leftist Thug Threatens Me After I Photographed Obama Sign (video)
American Power-The Three Benghazi Timelines
Amusing Bunni's Musings-Even Pets and Babies Know Obammer Sucks!
Bloviating Zeppelin--are Leftists Reconsidering Obama?
Bluegrass Pundit--Obama Supporters Want to Destroy WH if Romney Wins
Bob's Blog--They Stood Their Ground
Call Me Stormy--Expand GOP Playing Field
Camp of the Saints-Rule 5 Saturday: Amanda Averill
Classic Liberal- The Good Life with Alina Vacariu
Conservative Hideout-Lee Iacocca Endorses Romney
Daley Gator--Gloria Allrad comes Oozing Out the Drain
Diogenes' Middle Finger-The Freakin' Story Lady Returns
Double Plus Undead--Canadian Scientists Clearly Incompetent
Evil Blogger Lady--Baby Aardvark
Fishersville Mike-It Didn't Stay Quiet
Flares into Darkness--Paper or Plastic
Goldfish and Clowns-A Semi-Big Announcement
Gormogons-Smith Dinner Stand Up
In a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World--The Friday Pin Up
Jammie Wearing Fool--chris Matthews: Challenging Obama is Unconstitutional
King Shamus--Obama & His Tenuous Relationship with Competency
Last Refuge of a Scoundrel--St. Judes
Lonely Conservative-Is WH Opening Direct Negotiations with Iran?
Maggie's Notebook-Michelle Obama Finally Gets It Right
Motor City Times-Socialists Say the Darndest Things
My Daily Musings--This One's for the Men: Sharon Tate
Nice Deb--Your Sunday Hymn: America the Beautiful
Other McCain-Etymology as Prophecy
Paco Enterprises-Sunday Funnies
Pirate's Cove-If All You See...
Political Jungle--Same Sizzle, Different Dizzle
Proof Positive-Quote du Jour
Randy's Roundtable-Thursday Nite tart: Daniela Lopes
Reaganite Republican-Reaganite's Sunday Funnies
Riehl World View--It's All Down to 106 Counties
Right Truth--Secret Service Thoughts About First Ladies
Self-Evident Truths--What I've Learned from Liberals
Sentry Journal-Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme
Support Your Local Gunfighter--You Be the Jury
Tattered Bits of Brain--Things You Aren’t Hearing from CNN & MSNBC
Teresamerica- What If There Was Tyranny?
Thunder Pig--A Short Rant About Political Calls
Troglopundit-This Week in Automotivators
Virtual Mirage--The Benghazi Strain
We the People-Hey, Here's An Idea!
Western Hero--Twittorhea
Woodsterman--Dad's christmas List is Now Complete
Zilla of the Resistance-I Was Called a Racist Today

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