Friday, September 21, 2012

Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: $2 Million in Taxes, $4 Million to Charity

It is next to impossible to say Mitt Romney has not paid his fair share, but it will be fun to see his critics spin it that way.

What about Harry Reid's claim Romney has not paid taxes in ten years? The media already stopped talking about that a while back. One assumes journalist might have done something breathtakingly ethical like researching the matter and discovering the truth, but either way, Reid's false claim is going under the bus with due haste.

Another key point: Romney has given three times as much to charity as Barak Obama and thirty times more than Joe Biden donated. Yet Romney is the evil conservative who does not care about the less fortunate? He is the epitome of private citizens giving of themselves to help the less fortunate rather than insisting government take on the bulk of responsibility.

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