Sunday, April 08, 2012

Blogroll Spotlight #140

It is time for the weekly round up of favorite posts from my blogroll. These are not ranked, but in alphabetical order by blog title. If you would like a specific post listed next week, you may email it to me and I will include it.

Adrienne's Corner-He is Risen...
American Perspective-Tonia Sotiropoulou - James Bond Gets a New Lover
American Power-Bizarre Lindsay Lohan Morphing Face Video
Amusing Bunni's Musings-Here Comes the Easter Bunni!
Atlas Shrugs-Blessed Easter
Blog of the Nightfly-Loveliness
Bluegrass Pundit-That Flushing Sound You Hear Is Obama's DOE Preparing For Another Round of “Green Energy” Loans
Bride of Rove-Random
Camp of the Saints-Rule 5 Saturday: Amiee Rickards
Classic Liberal-To Protect and Conserve with Mena Suvari
Colossus of Rhodey--More Narrative Fail
Conservative Hideout-He is Risen
Da Tech Guy-Yup, I'm Offended by the Lot
Daley Gator-Worst Strategic Move Evah!
Diogenes' Middle Finger-The Path To Social Retardation Has Lost It's Sheen Of Hope And Change
Essential Mr. Bill-Today
First Street Journal-Perhaps Our Wisest Justice
Fishersville Mike-Give Us Barabbas
Gormogons-Life's Not Fair
House of Eratosthemes-Studies
Jake Finnergan--Burkalesque Babes: The Lovely Ladies Of Walmart!
Laughing Conservative--Cartoon; Gary McCoy
Lazy Farmer-Another Day at the Retirement Home That is Our Neighborhood
Legal Insurrection-Their Tolerance is Intolerant
Lonely Conservative-Obama Blames Bush for Lavish GSA Conference
Maggie's Notebook-Rule 5 Saturday Night: Beyonce
Motor City Times-Another Video All Treehugers, Eco-Warriors and Leftists Should Watch
Other McCain-The Con Science of a Liberal
Paco Enterprises-Happy Easter!
Pagan Temple--Ann Coulter: The Ugly Inside
Pirate's Cove-If all You See...
Proof Positive-Quote du Jour
Pundit & Pundette-Holy Week at St. John Cantius
Randy's Roundtable-Thursday nite Tart: Amber Lancaster
Reaganite Republican-Reaganite's Sunday Funnies
Riehl World View-The Left's Misguided Attack On John Derbyshire
Right Klik-Obama's Question of the Day: What's Romney Hiding?
Sentry Journal-He is Risen, Just as He Said
Teresamerica-Remembrance(Communion Song) by Matt Redman
Troglopundit-You Know what Those Tough Mudder-Type Races Need? Zombies.
We the People-Picture of the Day- The "Who's the Villain?" Edition
Woodsterman--Saving Money Government Style
WyBlog-Obama's Foreign Energy Policy: Nukes for Iran, Algae for Us
Zilla of the Resistance-Identity Theft: Another Tool for the Politics of Personal Destruction from the “Tolerant” Left

Happy Easter to my online friends, readers, lurkers, well wishers, and haters, too!

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