Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Formspring Question #272--Graham Crackers Edition

Did Lindsay Graham get so abused when he was one of the Clinton impeachment managers that he just threw in the towel as a conservative?
Lindsey Graham has always been wishy washy. You just never noticed because of the relative anonymity of a house seat. Graham fell into the senate seat because everyone in the republican party believed popular form gov. Carroll Campbell was going to run for it. He would have been a shoo in. but Campbell revealed late in the game he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and would not run. Better candidates had little time to mount a good campaign for the seat, so graham swooped in. since it was either him or another fritz Hollings-like democrat, Graham was our man.

The problem now is southern loyalty. We have a difficult time sending a politician out to pasture even when it is the only obvious thing to do. Witness Strom Thurmond, who should have left office at least twelve years before Graham got a chance at his seat. We have a reluctance to primary candidates, too. That is changing now, mind you, but I am not confident it will happen to Graham.

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