Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barack's Bicycle

I have gotten some peculiar comments on yesterday’s post mocking Barack Obama for riding his bicycle. The general accusation is that I was being elitist, of all things, by comparing the photo of helmeted Obama riding a girl’s bicycle at a slow pace with a photo of Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth riding horses. This is apparently elitist because horseback riding, in this feudal society we suffer in, is for the wealthy elite and I should not blat Obama for eschewing it to pretend he is a San Francisco bike messenger.

Which is not what I was doing. I was blasting Obama for looking like a complete ninny. I do not want the president looking like the ideal progressive beta male metro sexual, but I could excuse it if his bicycle riding was the only example of his girly-manness. Ut it is not. The guy bows to third world thugs, apologizes for his country’s existence, plays golf like Tim Conway’s Dorf character, and throws a baseball with the same poise I assume Betty White would. It is insult to injury.

Whatever happened to wanting the president to project toughness? FDR would never allow himself to be photographed in his wheelchair for fear of looking weak. Jimmy Carter gets out there during heavy carpentry work and still has a zip on his fastball. Reagan maintained his cowboy image. Bush 41 jumped out of an airplane in his ’80’s to show he still has nerve. Bush 43 chopped firewood in the middle of the Texas summer.

What is Obama doing? Riding his little girl’s bicycle at a leisurely pace, and surrounded by a security detail. At the very least, he should lose the helmet. Or add trainig wheels. What is the worst that could happen under those conditions, anyway?

Do you really wonder why conservatives mock him, world leaers likesarkozy openly call him a wuss, and soldiers hate saluting? T is because it is incredibly difficult to take the guy seriously.

Formspring Question # 41--Thirty Days in the Hole Edition

Where are you getting these thirty day themes?
They are a fad on Tumblr. I found a few I liked and decided to use them over the summer when the Eye is usually starved for content. Unfortunately, most of them are written by fourteen year olds for fourteen year olds. I have not found any more that strike my fancy, so it loos like this Strange Letters will be the last one.

If you want to look for some, try here, here, here, and here.

Strange Letter # 9--A Letter to Australia

Dear Australia,

A country and a continent? Ambitious sort, are you not?


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Bottomless Pit"

Subtitle this one “Jim and Artie Escape from Devil’s Island.” While you are subtitling the episode, go ahead and whoop it up, because that is the most fun you are going to have with it.

Jim sneaks his way into a French prison ship by taking the place of a journalist who has been sentenced to Devil’s Island for critiquing the human rights violations of the place lovely twist of irony, that. Jim’s plan is to spring an undercover Secret Service agent who activities in France landed him on Devil’s Island, too.

Mix prison cliche with Wild Wild West cliché, stir liberally, and you have “The Night of the Bottomless Pit.” There is a chain gang, twenty lashes with a whip, a solitary confinement pit, and an elaborate death rap involving hordes of fire ants. Combine that with Artie in disguise rescuing Jim, a henchman with a killer gimmick (an iron foot, in this case) , and a pretty girl who helps our heroes escape. You know the drill.

Oddly enough, what bothers me about the episode is the implausibility of it all. It is strange after episodes dealing with growth formulas, reanimating the dead, and psychic mediums, the fact Jim does not fake a French accent and no one knows the difference is too much for me to take. It is doubly worse, because Artie did fake oe as he applied for a job as a prison guard.

About the only really amusing part was trying to figure out if the lagoon from Gilliga’s Island was doubling as the location our heroes stashed their escape boat. I am quite confident it was, but I have not foud any confirmation via the web.

“The Night of the Bottomless Pit” is mediocre. It has some amusing bits, but othing you have not seen before.

Rating: ** (out of 5)

UPATE: Cofirmation that was the lagoon from Gilligan's Island. Too bad Dawn Wells did nor show up, too, no?

Kirsten Dunst

Monday, August 30, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

These are two respectable world leaders projecting strength and dignity. This......is a grown man who probably cannot bear to part with the IKEA furniture he bought in college.

Next Doctor Who Series to be Split in Two

I figured somethig like this was coming after the four specials experiment last year. The BBC was looking for a way to get around the budet constraints of making a thirteen episode season.

According to showrunner Steven Moffat, the sixth series is going to be split into two parts: seven episodes ending with a cliffhanger and then the final six. Less cynical fans say this is because Moffat is also working on the hit show Sherlock. That may very well be a factor, but I cannot help ut think the BBC wants to pull a Battlestar Galactica with DVD sales by selling two half season sets, then releasing an entire series set shortly thereafter.

The BBC had been talking about eight episode series for the show or alternating full, thirteen episode series with four or five holiday specials. The split solution sounds like a compromise, but I till bet is motivated by DVD sales. Doctor Who is the BBC’s most profitable show worldwide. They are going to milk the cow as much as possible.

Strange Letter # 8--A Letter to a Food Item

Dear Jello,

After five abdominal surgeries in the last six years, I have some seriously mixed emotions about you. On the one hand, you have always been there for me. On the other, fiding you sitting next to a bowl of broth when I am really hungry is an insult.

Do not take it personally. I tend to have strange food cravings during the circumstances upon which we meet and you do not suit any of them. We have spent weeks at a time together before. You are just doing the most important, thankless job you have. Bill Coby does not even stick up for you these days.

It pains me to tell you it would suit me fine f I never ad to eat you again. Something tells me that is not goig to happen. Fate as a way of throwing us together, no? Cruel as always.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Poisonous Posey"

“The Night of the Poisonous Posey” is another surreal, but fun episode. Jim and Artie earn yet another vacation, perhaps because their sojourn in New Orleans turned out so badly in ’The Night of the Big Blast,” but this one does not wind up much better. Our heroes enter the tiny town of Justice, Arizona and wid up in the predicament immediately pictured above.

Fortunately, it is all the town’s idea of a joke. The place is called Justice, after all. They become the guest of honors for a quick town celebration. The two decide to stay, but would you not know it, te town is playing host to a conference of international criminals.

Each one of them is a caricature of what part of the world he comes from with is own gimmick: the Russian throws knives, the cowboy has a lariat, the Latino assassin leaves tarantulas as hi calling card, the Arab is a crazed pyromaniac, etc. They were all brought here by Lucretia Posey:She has a plan to organize criminal into one, big network covering the entire planet. Yes, women cannot vote yet, but an international group of criminals are going to follow her orders. How progressive for the 1870's. The actress, Delphi Lawrence, is from the United Kingdom just like Ida Lupino. Apparently, the show had to import all its female mastermind-type villains.

Jim is captured right off the bat a placed in an insanely elaborate death trap it takes him one and a half acts to escape from. He must be losing his touch. Meanwhile, Artie poses as a latecomer, Ascot Sam. He plats each criminal’s gimmick on another to make it look like they are betraying one another. It works until the real Ascot Sam shows up. Jim and Artie have to brawl their way out I a particularly exciting action sequence. For a nifty change o pace, Artie is the one to capture Posey. He rarely gets the pretty girl.

“The Night of the Poisoous Posey” is comical, adventurous, and pure fun. There is nothing particularly memorable about it, but it does have goofy entertainment value.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Reese Witherspoon

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogroll Spotlight # 59

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Strange Letter # 7--A Letter to an Athlete You Despise

Dear John Rocker,

It has been ten years since your bigoted remarks in the now infamous Sports Illustrated in which you said you would never live in New York because of all the gays and foreigners and we Atlanta Braves fans are still paying for it. You played for three other major league teams, continued to say stupid things during your tenure with them, yet it is the Braves who are forever blighted.

You know we fans of the team area long suffering lot. Dale Murphy was the only thing we had going for us for the better part of a decade. We have had to suffer through being taunted as the Atlanta Bridesmaids, also a contender, never a champion. Then you come along. Gee, thanks. We really needed that.

May Ru Paul sashay through your forever for all eternity.

From the bottom of my heart,

Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Flying Pie Plate"

“The Night of the Flying Pie Plate” is every bit as ridiculous as “The Night of the Returning Dead’ was spooky, yet it works. Chalk it up the two factors. First, the scam being pulled does not have the obvious resolution. Second, Jim and Artie are on the ball the entire time, so no one’s intelligence is insulted by the outlandish plot.

What is that outlandish plot? While escorting a million dollar gold ship through Arizona, Jim witnesses a UFO crash. The aliens inside are beautiful green women from Venus. Their ship is out of fuel. You will never guess what they use for gas. Yep--gold. They have plenty of jewels worthless to them, but invaluable to us Earthlings to trade for it. Unfortunately, it is government property.

At no point does the story try to pass this scenario off as anything but a scam. The conflict is discovering who is behind it. Is it the bank president, a traveling hellfire and brimstone traveling preacher, or any number of thugs I town? It turns out to be all of them. One might think it is a cop out the red herrings are not red herrings, but, really, how often do you see that happen?

Mot of the fun of “The Night of the Flying Pie Plate” is not the scam, anyway. It is a 1960’s television series loading up an episode with 1950’s flying saucer cliché and setting it I the 1870’s. The “Venusian” girls are hot, too:Fun, but goofy.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Charlize Theron

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paris Hilton Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Yes, I know. The sky is blue, water is wet, and cats have climbing gears. This is the 29 year old waste of valuable space’s third arrest. So what else is new? It is not so much what is new, but the schadenfreude. The girl’s bad luck is amusing.

Her SUV was pulled over last night on the Las Vegas Strip because a cop smelled pot wafting from the inside. When she got out of the SUV, a bag of cocaine fell at the officer’s feet. I can only hope there was on board camera on the cop’s car that recorded it all. It is bound to be more hilarious than that The Hottie and the Nottie crapfest she starred I a couple years ago.

Hilton claimed the purse was not hers. I do not grasp the dynamics of that one. Did she grab someone else’s by mistake sometime during the evening ad did not notice until the cocaine fell out? I hat it when that happens. Or was she holding onto the purse for someone else exclusively during te police pullover?

We may ever know. Hilton has hired uber-lawyer David Chenoff. He has defended every high profile Las Vegas defendant this side of OJ Simpson, who probably regrets Chernoff did not make the clean sweep. He has already gotten her out of jail without posting bail, so I have all ideas Hilton is going to get the benefit of “celerity justice” and walk free as a bird.

No More Writning Fan Letters to Sky's Niece, Penny

Gloria Winters has passed away.

Last Week at Apocalypse Cinema

It was Rocky Week:

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V
Rocky Balboa

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around # 63

It is time once again to round up all the bloggers gracious enough to link to me this week.

The Current links to Investigate These Questions.

No Sheeples Here! adds me to her latest Sumpthin' 4 Mutton.

Pirate's Cove links to Full Metal Jacket Reach Around LXII and Blogroll Spotlight LVIII.

Amusing Bunni's Musings links to Blago Meets Adam West.

Camp of the Saints links in his post Houe of the Rising Muslim and graciously awards me the Spot On Quote of the Day for August 25th. Thank you!

Classic Liberal links to Strange Letter # 3.

A sincere thank you to all who linked. If you linked to me in the last week, but I do not have you here, you unfortunately fell through the cracks of Technorati, Google Blog Search, and Sitemeter. Please drop me a note in the comments and I will update with your link.

Strange Letter # 6--A Letter to a Giant Robot from Outer Space

Dear Iron Giant,

That one bit where you were told you could be anything you wanted to be, so you decided you would be Superman when saving the world.

I teared up. Seriously. That was awesome.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Returning Dead"

“The Night of the Returning Dead” marks yet another turn with the supernatural. This time around, we get two members of the Rat Pack to go along with it--Sammy Davis, Jr. and Peter Lawford. No Frank Sinatra, though. Bummer.

Dais plays Jeremiah, a former slave to Col. Beaumont Carson. Carson and his family were kidnapped, tied up, and burned alive in an old barn at the start of the Civil War so a group of men, lead y law ford’s character, Carl Jackson, could steal the Carson family fortune. Jeremiah escaped and has since looked for a way to ring Jackso to justice.

He found it by contacting Jim and Artie. They concoct a plan involving Jeremiah’s apparent supernatural power to control animals along with his disguising himself as Carson’s ghost I order to spook out a confession.

Spooky it is. I remember Jeremiah faking the possession by Carson at the courthouse I which he descries being burned alive in vivid, unearthly detail scaring the bejebus out of me as a kid. I was quite freaked out just watching it now. Davis was a very good actor. I do not thin he gets enough credit for it. Or maybe I am just too young to know that he revived recognition when it counted. I hope the latter.

When Jeremiah controls every horse in town, forcing them to stampede the courthouse during his possession, it is terrifying because we do not ever see ay horse at all. Just the sound and fury of their attack. Brutal.

The plan works, even though our heroes are captured by some of Jackson’s cohort’s and must devise a means of escape. Jackson confesses to Jeremiah about the murders and is taken into custody. Jeremiah is set to ride of into the sunset when Jim offers him a job with the Secret Service. Jeremiah refuses, saying only Will smith would be dumb enough to believe he could pull that off.

I may have made that last part up. Here is a guilt ridden Peter Lawford as compensation:There is one point in the episode Jeremiah, posing as Carson’s ghost, wears a Confederate uniform. What kind of coniption fit would the PC police throw about something like that these days?

I like “The Night of the Returning Dead.” It till creeps me out as much as it did twenty-three or so years ago when I first saw it. The supernatural theme was a change o pace for the show, but one that fit in surprisingly well. There will be much more to come in the future, but this is a fantastic start.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Scarlett Johansson

Friday, August 27, 2010

Muslims Give Obama Highest Approval Rating

Heh. He just cannot win for losing, no?

Strange Letter # 5--A Letter to Your Last Case of the Flu

Dear Flu,

I guess you thought it was cute sending me to the hospital where I learned I needed surgery for another problem of which I was completely unaware. One of those tough love, anything can be a blessing in disguise deals. I really hate those.

I was not too fond of you, either. Hopefully, those antibiotics guaranteed a horrible death for you as I struggled to rehabilitate myself.

Why, does that sound ungrateful? It is a harsh world, dude. Have you never heard that no good deed goes unpunished? just like most of life, you have learned that lesson far too late for it to do you any good.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Big Blast"

I am a big fan of the mythology surrounding Frankenstein, whether we are talking about the original Mary Shelley novel or the various adaptations on stage and screen. Therefore, I always look with keen interest in homage such as “The Night of the Big Blast.” But the episode is far more than that. It is largely an Artie solo adventure which strays far from the usual formula, yet does not pay the price for doing so.

Ida Lupino plays Dr. Faistina, a mad scientist who has developed a method to reanimate the dead using electricity. She requested funding for further research from the federal government, but was turned down since no one believed her claims could be true. Out for revenge for beig spurned, she uses a reanimated duplicate of the captured Jim as a bom to kill four cabinet officials. Artie, desperate to prove the assassin was not Jim, is captured by Fautina. She creates a duplicate of hi in order to assassinate Ulysses S. Grant, but it is stopped by the escaping Jim and Artie.

There are some serious plot holes here. Why did Fautina not demonstrate her ability to reanimate the dead instead of just telling the government se could do such? She could have used a body donated to science instead of grave robbing like she normally does. The feds we probably chomp at the bit to use her technology I order to create super soldiers who could easily e reanimated. Faustina definitely went about her plan the wrong way.

You also have to wonder why, when four Cabinet officials are killed by Jim, does grant still come to New Orleans and no one suspects the fake Artie is going to kill him even though he is running the exact scam as the fake Jim. Looks like all the other Secret Service agents are very slow on the uptake.

Casting that aside, “The Night of the Big Blast” is an exciting episode. It is not revealed until the fifth act that Jim is still alive, much less he did not kill the Cabinet officials. We knew that, but it was not obvious how Jim was still alive. Artie steal the episode trying to find him. The highlight of his adventure being a sword fight with the Three Musketeers during a Mardi Gras costume party.

“The Night of the Big Blast” is not only one of the best of the secod seaso, but a highlight of the series as a whole.

Rating: *** *(out of 5)

Amber Heard

If you need further proof God has a sense of humor, she is a lesbian.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Formspring Question # 41--To Go Boldly...Almost Edition

Prospective Star Trek: the Next Generation Cast
I saw that earlier today, thanks. It was an interesting read. Yaphet Kotto as Picard would have been intriguing, but Reggie Jackson as La Forge? Were they serious?

Note there is no Worf yet. Perhaps that is why the character was so one-dimensional. It looks like he was thrown in at the last miute.

Strange Letter # 4--A Letter to a Celebrity with Whom You Have a Bone to Pick

Dear Sean Penn,

I try to avoid complaining about entertainers who speak out on political or social issues. Ax grinding about such things appears to be mostly, but not exclusively, a conservative pastime. These are probably the same conservatives who believe the guy who tucked Bonzo in at night was one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. I tend to agree with them on the latter point, but I loathe hypocrisy, so I most disagree o the former.

I understand the compulsion you feel, too. You get paid millions of dollars for a frivolous activity with little to no social value. I do not fault you for that, either. Maximizing your earning potential is a worthy goal and if you can sucker people ito making you rich when you would otherwise be delivering pizzas, more power to you. P. T. Barnum is a personal hero of mine. But you need to alleviate your guilt over the situation ad I understand that, too.

Seriously. I have praised Angelina Jolie for her international charity work and George Clooney for calling attention to the genocide in Darfur even though I find their unreasoned progressivism destructive to our country. Credit where credit is due, I say. But you…for heaven’s sake.

Your heart may very well be in the right place, but where the heck is your brain? Wyclef Jean’s motives for helping his fellow Haitian are every bit as pure as yours--maybe more so. At least he is concerned for the well being of his countrymen and not, say, flying off to meet with an avowed enemy just ahead of a war to assure us there is no reason to depose a swell guy like Saddam.

You gleefully combine the knee jerk progressivism of Karl Malden with the treason of Jane Fonda and deem it good. Jeff Spicoli, Enlightened Savior of the Universe. It is incredibly annoying I will bet you obnoxious behavior damages your pet causes more than you help. Too bad good causes have to suffer for it.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Raven"

With all the changes from the first season to the second, it seem only natural archenemy Miguelito Loveless should make an early appearance. The demented dwarf isat his best here, with the most outlandish plot he has concocted thus far.

Loveless has kidnapped Princess Wanakee of the black Foot nation and demanded, by telegram, she be rescued by Jim and Artie. The tribal leaders give them three days to save Wanakee or their peace treaty with the united states ends. Jim and Artie are promptly captured by Loveless’ men at the destination point and become prisoners along with Wanakee.

Teir frequent near successful escapes frustrate Loveless, who is working on his latest plot for world conquest and cannot afford the distraction. Said escapes are really just a way of padding out the episode to avoid too much of the expensive special effects involved with loveless’ plot-- shrinking Jim down to the size of an action figure!

Loveless has developed a formula that will shrink all of humanity down to that size. So he can easily rule over them, of course. A couple problems with this brilliant plan, however. Loveless is assuming the tiny size will render people powerless against him. But wait, insects are man’s mot dangerous enemy. They ruin crops, transmit diseases, and destroy untold amounts of property every year. There is not a whole lot we can do about it. Insects do these things instinctively, without any coordinated plan. Humans would not do things that way. Loveless would seriously have his hands full.

In Loveless’ defense, he is insane, so it can be excused he has not thought his brilliant plan all the way through. He was crazy enough to create an antidote that would return shrunken people to normal size and put it within Artie’s reach when it would help Jim most, so either he does not think his plans through very carefully or his innate sense of self-loathing prompts him to sow the seeds of his own defeat. However much credit you want to give the writers for psychological insight is fine with me.

Jim and Waakee are shrunken in the fourth act. Jim escapes rom a literal doll house prison and has to deal with a vicious cat, a tarantula, a mousetrap, and a rolling 8-ball decades before Indiana Jones outran the famous boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Artie makes certain Jim gets the cure durig a scuffle with loveless’ men. Loveless, of course, escapes, but his plan is ruined and Wanakee is returned safely to er people.

There is a very clever anachronism/homage combo featured in the prerequisite Loveless ad Antoinette duet. They sing a couple of verses of ’The John B Sails,” an old folk song featured in the 1917 Carl Sandburg novel Pieces of Eight in which it is referred to as “an old Nassau ditty.” whether it is a real song or one made up for the novel is not known, but Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys adapted the lyrics for inclusion on their famous Pet Sounds album. “Sloop John B” was a big hit I the sprig and summer of 1966, a few moths before “The Night of the Raven Aired.” If you have a fondness for Land of the Giants, this is the episode for you. I could take or leave that show, in all honesty, but I do like this episode. It is full of geeky science fiction elements lie man eating plants loveless has bred, items like mousetraps serving as deadly obstacles, and laughable images such as Jim lifting a small plate of butter that is the size of a footlocker to him or Loveless carrying around an obvious doll that is standing in for the shrunken Jim. “The Night of the Raven” has to be seen to be fully appreciated in all its weirdness.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Kaley Cuoco

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lisa Murkowski is a Sore Loser

Incumbent Lisa Murkowski narrowly trails opponent Joe Miller for the Republican nomination for Senate. Insiders say she has no shot at winning because she would need 60% of the absetee ballots in order to do so.

While it is conceivable, one wonder why, in a solid Republican state, that many people would bother voting for the incumbent if they are going to vote GOP in the general election anyway? Surely most of those motivated to send in an absentee ballot are doing so because they are either excited about Miller or are not thrilled with Murkowski. Either way, it does not look good for her.

So what is a good RINO to do? Why, run independent, of course.

Not just independent, but on the Alaska Independence Party ticket, which has yet to select a nominee. You may recall that is the party Todd Palin caught flack for being associated with at one point. I will bet you since Miller is a Sarah Palin backed candidate and Democrats have no shot at winning the seat, pundits will forget they ever had a problem with the party as long as Murkowski gets on the ballot.

Strange Letter # 3--A Letter to a Movie Character

Dear Annette Hargrove,

You are my kind of girl. Please rescind the restraining order.

Faithfully yours,

Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Golden Cobra"

That is the great Boris Karloff pictured above. He plays Mr. Singh a wealthy Indian ex-maharaja who has ironically built a palace in the middle of Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Too clever for words on the writer’s part, no? Singh has heard of Jim’s reputation, whih is quite extraordinary considering he is an undercover agent for the United States government. Singh wants Jim to train his boys I the fine art of killing and will not take no for an answer.

So Jim is put through the ringer: fistfights, deadly cobras, more fistfights, a vicious tiger, a polo match with him as the target, and plenty of smooching the maharaja’s daughter in between. It is a hard knock life, but at least the boys are learning what it means to kill. Or something like that. The action is all padding for a paper thing plot.

The true reason for luring Jim to the palace is revealed at the climax. The Indian Commissioner discovered oil on land the Pawnee have settled. He is going to se the maharaja‘s cash to exploit it, but he needs the Pawnee to move on and hopes Jim will utilize his often mentioned, but never explained, solid reputation with Indian to convince them to leave. He refuses, of course. Singh feels betrayed by the commissioner’s threat on his daughter, so they scuffle. Or rather, an obvious stut man in a very bad wig scuffle. Both are killed when Singh’s heart cannot take the stress and the commissioner drowns in a pit of oil.

I could have sworn midway through the episode this absurd dancing ape was artie in disguise coming to rescue Jim, but he came later posing as a maician. This ape was supposed to be real. It did not quite work:“The Night of the Golden Cobra” is goofier than most, almost to the point of embarrassment. But it has the saving grace of featuring Karloff. I am a big fan of old Universal horror films, so your mileage may vary, but I thought it was totally cool to see him as the villain. Karloff was 77 at the time and since he spent the entire episode sitting on a throne, I suspect he was in poor health or at least had trouble moving about. Still, subdued Karl off is better than no Karl off at all.Rating: *** (out of 5)

Lindsay Lohan is Out of Rehab

Place your bets on how long that will last.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Federal Judge Halts Obama's End Run Around Congress on Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Here is a PDF file of the decision. It explains the entire stem ell debate thoroughly in as unbiased a manner as I have ever read about the controversial issue. It is worth reading just for that, regardless of where you stand on the issue of embryonic stem cell research.

I do not need to tell you I am against it or why, correct?

The decision that blocks Obama’s funding for embryonic stem cell research does not touch often on the prickly issue. Rather, it is about how Obama unlawfully made an end run around Congress in order to fund his radical agenda. Every year, Congress adds the following stipulation to the budget of Health and Human Services prohibiting:
...research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death greater than that allowed for research on fetuses in utero."
The president has every right to go to Congress and request the removal of this stipulation, but he cannot just ignore the fact Congress enacted it solely because it does not fit I with his desire to…well, whatever progressives who support destroying embryos, allowing abortion in all forms, and pushing for euthanasia in healthcare reform want. To reshape the human race in some twisted utopian vision, I suppose.

Formspring Question # 40--Wild Wild Pest Edition

Why are you reviewing The Wild Wild West? You should have stuck with Star Trek. That’s what we come here to see.
I explained my reasons earlier. I am burnt out on Trek and wanted to covera more light hearted show before tackling VOY--assuming I do, of course.

I chose Wild Wild West for a couple reasons. More importantly, because I loved it as a kid, but also because I could not find any place online were someone had done an episode by episode review. Becoming the internet source of the series sounded good to me. Perhaps I overestimated the interest people would have in the show. Lack of interest appears to be the most obvious reason for the scarcity of related material on the web.

No matter. It is my blog and I am having a good time with it, so there. If you had not noticed, the show is full of very old fashioned heroics in which the good guys and bad are clearly defined, the violence is cartoon level, and the main characters are patriots. You do not see stuff like that these days. Savor it. Nuanced “sophistication” does not necessarily make today’s television offerings better.

Besides, I like Robert Conrad. He is an ardent Republican who addressed the 2004 GOP convention, big supporter of law enforcement (he was once a sheriff himself))) and the troops, as well as a big NRA activist. By all accounts, he is a decent guy, too. I like to know favorite actors are probably folks I would like personally, too. I have to support them, you know?

Strange Letter # 2--A Letter to a Dinosaur

Dear Triceratops,

I am sorry to recently hear you no longer existed as your own species, but were actually the baby version of the Torosaurus. That has to burn, seriously. Perhaps you could seek out the former planet Pluto. You two have a lot in common. There is nothing like shared empathy at a time like this.

If it makes you feel any better right now, those meddling paleontologists John Scannella and Jack Horner have ruined everything from The Land Before Time to Land of the Lost and the Diobots from Transformers for the rest of us.

There is a ig difference between empathy and hared misery, so feel free to pick the poiso of your choice.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Eccentrics"

“The Night of the Eccentrics” marks the beginning of the second season and three major changes. First, the series was now broadcast in color. Second, series creator Michael Garrison had fallen down the stairs of his Beverly Hills mansion and fatally broken his neck a moth prior to the season premiere. His untimely death--one of many suffered by those associated with the show-- resulted in a revolving door of no less than six show runners fop the rest of the run. Finally, the menagerie of show runners promised frequent changes in theme, but from here on out, the series dwelt mostly on over the top science fiction and hammer Films’-esque gothic horror.

The plot of “The Night o the Eccentrics” is straightforward. A group of international assassinations, each with a circus sideshow method of killing, poses as a real circus as a cover for doing its dirty work. This time around, they have been hired by a distant relative of deposed Emperor Maximilian to kill President Benito Juarez of Mexico and return the country to French rule.

What the episode lacks in originality--not only was a similar plot used in the series premiere, Victor Buono played the villain then, too--it more than makes up for in quirkiness. Buono’s Count Mazeppi, who is my favorite villain behind Dr. Miguelito Loveless, has actual magical powers to go along to go along with his flamboyant personality. Each of the Eccentrics has his or her own oddball ways which Jim and Artie exploit in a confrontation at the presidential palace in order to save Juarez.

Te episode is fun and exciting. Jim is placed in an incredibly strange, painfully slow death device that is not as ordinary as the cages, wine press, and lobster boiler he has escaped from in the past. This certainly will not be the last time villains attempt to creatively do away with our hero and ail.

“The Night of the Eccentrics” is notable for featuring the first televised appearance of a very young Richard Pryor:Pryor plays Villar, a ventriloquist whom we never see in action like we do the others. One assumes that is because Pryor had no ventriloquist skills.. I cannot say he has a very illustrious debut anyway. Villar has a grand total of four lines and is never seen again halfway through the fourth act. Cannot win them all, I suppose.

A good episode all around an a promising sign of things to come.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Yvonne Strahovski

Monday, August 23, 2010

Roger Ebert's Ground Zero Mosque Rant: Tenth Point Refutes the Other Nine

I will not stop you from reading Roger Ebert's Ten Things I Know About the Mosque, but I do not recommend it. As usual, Ebert’s rants are little more than unreasoned progressive talking points with an occasional break to express a purple faced rage Sarah Palin still walk the face of the Earth. Seriously, he goes off topic about her on more than one occasion within the ten things he claims to know about the Ground Zero, including invoking Godwin’s law by comparing her to Hitler.

You do not need to read any of his refusals to call it the Ground Zero mosque (even though the imam planning the thing calls it that) or his blame America first, middle, and last for its ignorance finger wagging. All you need to do is read his tenth point:
10. I wonder how many Americans realize the community center is not intended for Ground Zero. What will be constructed there includes a 55,000 square foot retail mall. This mall will be deep enough to connect with subway lines -- deep enough, that is, to theoretically be embedded in the ashes of some of the 9/11 victims.
Two questions, Mr. Ebert:

1. If the Cordoba Mosque, so named to honor the Muslim conquest of Spain, ought not be called the Ground Zero mosque because it is no where near Ground Zero, how ca the ashes of 9/11 victims be mixed in with the proposed shopping mall beneath the mosque?

2. Why should American not be offended by Muslim mall shoppers walk on the ashes of 9/11 victims I light of the Muslim belief it is offensive to expose the soles of your feet to another person, much less trample on people’s mortal remains?

The Post-American President

The Teleraph asks the question does Obama want to be reelected in 2012?

The article speculates that Obama is more interested in being an ex-president, traveling about, going speeches to adoring crowds on pet issues, and generally having a good time cashing I on his former lofty perch. It is a variation on theme of making excuses for why his poll numbers are falling. Usually, the claim is the unwashed masses of America just cannot appreciate how wonderful Obama is. At least this article is putting some blame on him.

It is wrong, of course. Obama has all intentions of running in 2012. A man who elieves his inauguration was the culmination of all history until that point is not going to give up. Poll numbers, shmoll numbers. A narcissist like him will never believe he is not the most revered, beloved figure in all of recorded history. His belief will even overcome the obvious boredom he has with the presidency.

Obama reminds me of someone who has never been in charge of anything I his life, so he has a romanticized view of what it is like. You know, the boss tells everyone else want to do and it magically gets done. Someone will clean up the Gulf oil spill. Someone will come up with a cheap alternative energy resource. All that Obama has to do is say it needs to be done. Sometimes I think he has to be aware of the reality of his situation, then I quickly realize that he has no clue.

Certainly, I think Obama would like to live the post-president lifestyle of golfing interrupted by speeches, but since that is exactly what he thinks the presidency is, why would he give it up?

The big question is not what will Obama do in 2012, but what will the Democrats do? They are headed for a massive defeat in the midterms. It is not all Obama’s fault like the1994 republican landslide rested squarely on Bill Clinton’s shoulders. Nevertheless, Obama will still be the most high profile Democrat left standing. With his dropping poll numbers, he will also make thee biggest target for blame regarding the losses.

A couple points before I go any further. One, 2012 is a long way off. Anything an happen. Everyone though Clinton would be a lame duck after the ’94 midterms, but he survived to enjoy a landslide reelection in ’96. Obama’s poll numbers are bound to bounce some when there is republican opposition in Congress. Two, in spite of that, Obama is not the skilled politician Clinton was. He has never had to face tough opposition in his career. He may not handle it well.

I suppose he could turn things around and be a candidate Democrats are enthusiastic about or Republicans can blow it by nominating another John McCain or Bob Dole, but I am hoping neither will be the case.

So the real question is whether the Democrats will believe Obama has destroyed the brand, al la Bush 43 with Republicans, that they will renominate him rather than burn off a viable candidate or will he get a primary opponent? The question hinges on what happens November 2nd. If any Democrat wants to run in 2012, he or she is goig to have to jump out there by early January in order to raise the cash needed for a run.

When it comes down to it, I think no one will have the nerve to challenge Obama no matter how low his poll numbers go., probably because of the racial climate. Not even Hillary Clinton. Obama’s ego certainly will not allow him to bow out, either. The Democrats are going to have to swallow their buyer’s remorse and hope for the best.

Miss Bush Yet?

(Credit goes to the Troglopundit, who says he created this motivator originally.)

There is a mini-theme going around the right side of the blogosphere answering this important question. Most say yes at this point. A few say no. I would like to weigh I with my thoughts.

Let me say that I do not have a romanticized view of Bush 43. I was irked by the spending habits, was very unhappy with his attempt to appoint the unqualified Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, and really feel like he never tried to regain his footing after Katrina even though I think he was unfairly blamed for many of the mistakes there. So keep in mind I do not consider him a conservative icon. I would rather have had Dick Cheney as president with Bush 43 as veep.

All that said, I do miss him as president.

Virtually all of that longing comes from a comparison to Barack Obama. Part of that comes from policy. I am not going to go for a progressive in the white House period. My biggest gripe, as I said above, was the far too expensive expansion of government under his administration. He was still better than Obama in that regard. Something tells me he would have been better than John McCain, too.

But mostly I miss Bush 43 on a spiritual level. For all his faults, Bush 43 is a decent guy who loves his country. He was one of us. Bush 43 stood near the still smoldering ruins of Ground Zero and promised vengeance because e was as enraged as we were 3,000 people had been murdered on our soil. His was a presidential response.

Obama declares his support for a mosque to be built at Ground Zero, which is a completely dumb and pointless act since Americans, still honoring their dead, will not stand for such a desecration. It is saddening to know our president will.

Bush 43 never condemned his country was hopelessly flawed, never branded his critics racists in order to shut them up, or even hinted we ought to be thanking him for his governance the way Oama has. Character counts. Bush 43 has it. Obama does not even aspire to it.

You may think Bush 43 was an idiot or the second coming of Hitler, but the bottom line is I was proud of the government he lead and embarrassed by the one Obama is in (marginally?) in charge of. America deserves better.

Strange Letter # 1--A Letter to Your Drug of Choice

Dear Caffeine,

What would I do without you? Sure, you have as many more negative effects than marijuana, but what is pleasure without risk? The subtle danner makes the vice all the sweeter. Besides, abusing you is about as edgy as I get.

You got me through a 22 hour road trip, eight AM lecture classes, and even a couple chick flicks which suffering through did not get me anything else, if you know what I mean and I think you do. I say in all honesty, you have been my most consistently faithful pal.

I feel like I betrayed you for a while there after y colon ruptured, but I would like to think you understood. You have, after all, been there with me through everything else. At any rate, I have forgiven you for the withdrawal symptoms I suffered once I quit you cold turkey during my convalescence. It is the mark of true friendship oe feels pain when forcibly separated. I suspect you never thought of me, though.

No matter. I remain ever faithful.


Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Sudden Plague"

“The Night of the Sudden Plague” ends both the first season and the black and white era on a high note. At first glance, one would suspect the similarity in plot to the previous episode would be terribly conspicuous, but they both stand well on their own merit.

Towns all over a remote southwestern territory are facing outbreaks of illness which causes paralysis for 48 hours. Within that time, a gang of outlaws loots the town. Jim and Artie are sent it to investigate, but find themselves hamstrung by the arrogant governor who thinks he has been punished by being placed in charge of such a barren desert.

On their own, the two agents discover the outlaws are using an old fort as a hideout. (The fort, by the way, is the Federation settlement from TOS’ “Arena.” Humorously enough, Jim concocts a makeshift explosive in order to escape at one point. He does not build a cannon., however. Missed opportunity, that.) The fort is also the base of operations for a disgraced doctor who failed to save a Japanese ruler’s daughter from plague and had his wife killed as punishment. He lost his mind over her murder and created the plague as revenge.

The episode is quite good. There is plenty of action and gadgetry as well as a some unusual twists. For one, Jim comes to the rescue of Artie for once when he has been captured by the outlaws. Of course, that means no Artie I disguise this time around, but you surprisingly will not miss it. There is more than enough goig on otherwise to hold your attention.

Some interesting casting notes: H. M. Wynant, who plays the head outlaw Rodman, makes his second of four appearances as a henchman. He isstill acting tody at age 82. His most famous recent role has been Sen. Starkey on The West Wing. Theo Marcuse, who plays the doctor, will return as the commandant of Devil’s Island in “The Night of the Bottomless Pit” coming up in the middle of September. He also played Kolob in TOS’ ‘Catspaw” a month before he tragically died in a car accident. Nobu McCarthy, the doctor’s daughter, won the Mis Tokyo pageant in 1953.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Julie Henderson

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Formspring Question # 39--No Where to Go But Sideways Edition

How high is up?
Depends. The distance is relative to your starting point.

Formspring Question # 38--One Thumb Down Edition

How often do you think of Gene Siskel?
More than I think about beriberi, but less than I think about the Crimean War. I would not set my watch by it, if I were you.

"Hot Rod" Blagojevich Meets Adam West at Chicago Comic Book Convention

Rod Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois and self-professed fan of the '60's Batman television series, was a guest at Wizard World ComiCon in Chicago this weekend. Why not? He is colorful enough.

Full story here.

Blogroll Spotlight LVIII

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Wright Mind--Why I Don't Miss Bush

How about a little country Gospel with Emmy Lou Harris and Robert Duvall? I remember watching this duet live. I was in the laundry room of my doer building at the end of my junior year of college. After midnight on a school night was the only time you could be guaranteed to get both a washer and dryer in a reasonable amount of time. The television up on a stand in the corner of the room was tuned to Late Night with David Letterman.

Robert Duvall was promoting his personal project, a movie called The Apostle. I recommend it, if you have not seen it. It is an honest, un-Hollywood look at the frailty involved in walking the Christian faith. Duvall san on the soundtrack the old Gospel song “I Love to Tell the Story” and performed it with Emmy Lou Harris on the show.

I stopped to watched, leaning up against the folding table. It was a beautiful rendition precisely because Duvall is not a particularly good singer, but it was coming from his heart.

There were two other people I the laundry room with me that night, a guy and a girl. We did not know each or even acknowledge one another. There is something about washing one’s underwear in the middle of the night that renders one unsociable. After a few seconds of the song, both stopped in their places and listened to the rest o it.

The University of South Carolina, even though in the buckle of the Bible Belt, was not a particularly spiritual place. There was a small, close knit Christian community in the midst of many kids who were rebelling against puritan up brings not that they were away from their parents for the first time. Sometimes, it was easy to get lost in the secularism which was generally accepted as enlightened.

Every now and then, something would shake me out of it. I could tell others were having the same experience. That night in the spring of 1998 is one that sticks far out I my mind. All three of us went back to our business without another word once the commercial break started. That is the way these things worked around there.

Thirty Days of Battlestar Galactica #30--And in Conclusion...

Even those who learn the lessons of history are often doomed to repeat them.

Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Murderous Spring"

Dr. Miguelito Loveless returns for the fourth and final time in the first season. Michael Dun was forced to do much of this episode in a wheelchair due to an injury to hi left leg suffered in the final stunt of his previous appearance. Hardly anyone got out of this show completely unscathed. He was a rave man for not missing beat in is role.

Loveless is far more insane in ’The Night of the Murderous Spring” than ever before. Frustrated in his attempts to reclaim California, he has now decided the world must be reshaped into his idealized utopia. But such a world cannot be created while man still exists, so Loveless concocts a formula that educes violent hallucinations. With it, he will poison the world’s water supply. Once infected, every man, woman, and child on Earth will kill each other.

The key thing that sticks out I my mind about “The Night of the Murderous Spring” is how much more gruesome it is than the usual fare. When Jim is infected, he hallucinates murdering Artie. As a test for the captured Jim and Artie, Loveless infects a dinner party of twenty people by adding his formula to their wine. We do not see the ensuing battle, but we hear it behind closed doors with the resulting assumption all twenty people killed ach other with their bare hands. Finally, Jim sinks the boat Loveless and his two assistants are escaping on. None of them can swim, but rather than help, Jim and Artie watch the boat sink and wait for the bubbles to stop. Not a very heroic act.

Consider their actions in light of this, too: Loveless has a new assistant to replace Voltaire. She is a very overweight woman named Kitten Twitty. Loveless ensures her loyalty by promising her surgery that will make her skinny and beautiful. We know from “The Night That Terror Stalked the Town,” he can make good on his promise considering his skills in plastic surgery. Our heroes play on her insecurities in order to escape Loveless, then allow her to drown afterwards.

It seems incredibly cruel I light of how many beautiful women who were responsible for far more evil acts wind up free women hooking up with Jim while the fat, unattractive woman who is far less responsible for any wrongdoing is allowed to die right in front of them. I chalk it up to unintentional irony. Jim and Artie’s actions confirm Loveless is right about man’s evil nature. The pretty girls are aved and rewarded whether they have truly redeemed themselves, but no one cares about the fate of the less than stunning.

There is a clever use of a sharpened turkey bone and a pair of suspenders used as a slingshot makeshift crossbow that just has to be mentioned.

“The Night of the Murderous Spring” is a entertaining episode in spite of its darker tone than the usual lighthearted romps. I will still give the first season Best Loveless episode crown to “The Night That Terror Stalked the Town,” but ’The Night of the Murderous Spring Comes Close.” I would have preferred our heroes to take a more sympathetic tone towards Kitten considering how badly they used her, but the Secret Service is not the Boy scouts, so I guess they do what they have to do in order to save the world.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Elizabeth Mitchell

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wyclef Jean Disqualified from Running for President of Haiti

Sean Penn can now rest easy knowing he is the sole defender of all that is good and holy in the impoverished, earthquake ravaged nation. Wyclef Jean has been deemed ineligible to run in the November 28th Haitian presidential election.

The worst part is Jean’s proposed candidacy ended in a whimper. He made the mistake that has happened to countless neophyte, would be politicians and out of their usual stomping grounds lawyers make all the time--he did not read the local rules before filing. Jean did not meet the residency requirement, which said he must have lived in Haiti for five consecutive years prior to filing.

Jean has been in the United States since he was a young boy. While he has oe much good charity work for his native country, he does not live there. This fact seemed to be what irritated Penn. Jean lives in wealthy luxury I the United States, but decides to swoop into Haiti like a white knight o horseback. Haitians might resent such a person, considering the wealth and lifestyle gap with them. How Penn misses his hypocrisy would be beyond me if I had not had the displeasure of listening to his holier than thou clueless lectures before and therefore have a firm grasp of his mindset.

Jean is a unabashed celebrity progressive type with no political experience, but since Haiti could not possibly fall any lower, I was hoping he might make it as president. At the very least, he would not have been part of the tiny elite who have been robbing the already miserably poor population for decades. In fact, when I first heard jean was disqualified from running, I assumed said elites had cooked up some excuse to keep him out of the race. It is even sadder to learn it was just a careless mistake on Jean’s part.

Last Week at Apocalypse Cinema

Reviews for:
The Shawshank Redemption
Bull Durham
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around LXII

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Thirty Days of Battlestar Galactica #29--Favorite Minor Character

My favorite recurring character is Romo Lampkin. He is the kind of lawyer I would have been if my flesh had been as strong as my spirit.

Wild Wild West--"The Night of the Burning Diamond"

As we inch closer to the end of the first season, we can see how the series is coming into its own. Stories have been up and own thus far, with some science fiction oddities mixed in with a straightforward western or two. “The Night of the Burning Diamond” marks he shift to a more science fiction/occasion horror series that just happens to be set in the Old West.

Jim and Artie are assigned to protect a foreign diamond exhibit because there has been a rash of unexplainable diamond thefts at major galleries and museums around the world. A Serbian national treasure is stolen literally right out from under Jim’s nose, so the two have their work cut out for them in protecting the exhibit.

It turns out a scientist named Morgan Midas--why name him Midas when no gold is involved is anyone’s guess--has developed an elixir that allows hi to move so fat, he cannot be seen. Unfortunately, is is made by burnig diamonds.

Which leads us to two problems. One, Midas never reveals his big plan. We can only assume whatever he wants to do with his abilities is worth more than the expensive diamonds he is destroying in order to make his elixir. Two, burning a diamond at 1,000 degrees would turn it into graphite, so Midas could save a lot of time and effort, not to mention he would avoid grand larceny, if he would just use pencil lead I hi formula. I suppose that would not be nearly as romantic.

I am skeptical aspects of having one’s body sped up so fat versus the reaction of the people and objects frozen I time around Midas, Jim, and Artie (when they are given the elixir) are always accurately depicted. Not all moving or dropped objects have the correct momentum. I would think one would injure his hand touching certain objects. I am inclined to think also Midas would leave a corpse when he burned up due to air friction in his final fist fight with Jim. A grown man would leave about five pounds of ashes if burned at 1,000 degrees. It would take about two hours, too, not instantaneously. Ah, Hollywood logic. How I love thee!

In spite of the problems, I do like “The Night of the Burning Diamond.” It has a lot of actions, a decent plot, good villain, some mystery, and a couple instances of cool gadgetry. Fans of Firefly and Castle should take note Midas is played by Robert Drivas, who bares a striking resemblance to Nathan Fillion:Sadly, Drivas died in 1986 at the young age of 47 from AIDS related complications.

Rating: *** (out of 5)

Christina Ricci

For this week's The Other McCain's Rule 5 Sunday, we have Christina Ricci. She can be quite attractive when she tones down the goth motif.Unfortunately, she does not tone down the goth all that often.