Friday, June 25, 2010

Financial Reform Bill Finalized; No One Has Any Clue What It Does

A 2,000 page financial reform bill which will completely change how money flows through the economy even though no one has any clue how it works has been finalized.

The logical question to ask is why pass a bill that no one knows anything about since, in ignorance of the bill's effect, no one has any idea whether it will make things better or worse. but sice i am certain the answer would make blood splurt out of my nose, let us just skip it like everyone else apparently has.

Oh, wait--we know the bill gives thefeds more power to seize financial institutions. I imagine that is the only part they were interested in anyway.

Carry on, folks. They will make therest up as they go along.


Gorges Smythe said...

Call me just a trifle negative, but I think it's time we all just bent over deeply and kissed our backsides good-bye.

John Carey said...

Well Jamie maybe Congress doesn't know what this bill will do however I have read enough of it to know that after this passes that our free market system will no longer be the economic engine it once was. It will become a lesser thing because of the heavy hand of the government. They will indeed control the flow of money and the banks that where the money flows to. They will protect the established while creating barriers for upstart companies with fresh idea. They will reward failure and punish success. And in the end you and I will pay for it all!

RIP free market system...

Nancy Pelosi said...

"why pass a bill that no one knows anything about?"

Well, obviously, you have to pass the bill in order to know what's in it, just like with healthcare! Duh! Everybody knows that. What, do you think there's some magical way to know what a bill says before it is passed? What kind of Republican fantasy land are you living in?

Longhaired Conservative said...

Hi Jamie, Sorry I missed you in the linkfest Friday. By way of apology, I've linked you in the same post with Pamella Geller. It's probably the closest either one of us will get to that hottie. :)

Longhaired Conservative said...

Here's the link.