Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CBS to Air Anti-Abortion Super Bowl Ad Starring Tim Tebow

A final decision may still come down on the negative side, but for now, CBS has agreed to air a $ 2.5 million anti-abortion commercial from Focus on the Family starring University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother.

Critics assert CBS is violating its longstanding policy of not airing advertisementsdurin sporting events which advocate one side or another of a controversial issue. CBS rejected an anti-Bush advertisement fro in 2004 and a gay friendly message from the united Church of Christ. However, CBS feels the Focus on the Family advertisement is acceptable.

I am not na├»ve about this. CBS fears the lobbying power of Focus on the Family’s followers more than that of anti-abortion activists. The decision is not a change in moral character or an endorsement of the pro-life stance. It is an effort to keep Christian activists happy while hoping everyone else is too distracted by the game to worry with it.

But I am going to cast aside my cynical side for a moment and celebrate such a commercial is going to appear during the Super Bowl no matter how skeptical I am of the rationale. God uses all sorts of unusual things to work for his glory. I think abortion ought to be elevated well beyond a controversial issue. It is the taking of a human life and that ought not be a debatable issue in the first place. Hopefully, may watching the ad will think about it and come to the same conclusion.

Those critics who are snickering that of course Tebow’s mother is glad she chose life since her son is about to become n NFL multimillionaire need to examine your own black hearts. I am attempting a more positive outlook in the new year. Why do you not give it a shot, too?

The Daley Gator has a few words on the matter.

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