Monday, December 07, 2009

New EPA Powers Will Destroy the Private Sector

That is not an exaggeration. The EPA declared today, in spite of the ongoing Climategate scandal, the science on greenhouse gases is solid. It will now consider such gases pose a threat to public health and the environment. therefore, they must be regulated for thecommon good.

What this allows for is an avalanche of new regulations on private industry and citizens. Practically any level of emissions from any single business can be red taped out of existence. The auto industry, with the fine shape it is in, can already hear its death knell because of difficult requirements in place for 2016. You can look for government to eventually tell you what kind of light bulbs you can and cannot use in your own living room.

Combine this move with the bank bailout, the GM absorption, and the attempted takeover of healthcare. What you have is the complete destruction of the private sector in the United States thanks to Barack Obama’s naive allegiance to the idea government should solve any and all problems.


Captain Kirks Girl said...

I truly believe many, many in this nation have a suicide wish for this country. Some would agrue we are in the " End Times" and in the Bible it is said there will be a great deception...its easy to see how so many will be deceived, they are already deceived ! How could any rational group of people wish to base bankrupting this country, creating further job losses, higher taxes etc. based on "junk science" that has now been revealed to be just that ! First they swore it was "for sure" now its "even if there is a 10% chance" that carbon might hurt the planet 3000 years from now...we have to cut our wrists as a nation..oh and don't expect any rational countries like China or India to borrow the razor blade ! These idiots are beginning to make me hate my own country !

Anonymous said...

Fifty years after the October revolution the soviets made a big push to convert students at elite universities. Those they converted have completed their long march through the institutions and are trying to implement their communist program. Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama were all identified as fellow travellers and placed in the White House to advance the leftist cause. Yes George Bush too, a disaster of a president except for three months or so after 9-11.