Wednesday, February 21, 2007

McCain v. Giuliani

Why is Rudy Giuliani running ahead of John McCain in national polls among Republicans? It defies certain logic. McCain is clearly more conservative. They both have some oddities in their past regarding marriages and the like that put them on even ground in that department, but the politics is the thing and you would have to assume Red State America would prefer McCain’s record to the former mayor’s.

Or maybe not these days. We are at war. I think with the Iraq morass many have forgotten there is another enemy out there who has been stalking us for over a decade and has not given upo. The media may not say much about the national mood about fighting terrorism, but I will bet it is still strong. Waning, of course, since people forget even the biggest tragedies, but still there. Because it is still there, they want someone tough on crime in the White House, believing that toughness translates to tough on terrorists as well.

It pains me to say Giuliani has the edge in that regard. McCain has been to war and survived being a POW (Mercy, did we not hear that every waking minute during the 2000 campaign?) but lasting through such an experience proves personal strength, not how big a stick one would carry as commander-in-chief. The conservative electorate seems to have come to that conclusion. Or perhaps they just do not trust McCain anymore. I can see why. In 2000 he burnt all sorts of bridges in running as a maverick. Now he is mending some and pretending he never burnt the others. It is telling that conservatives are more willing to support a candidate who never supported overturning Roe v. Wade like Giuliani over someone who has flip flopped from being pro-life in the Senate to pro-choice on the 2000 campaign trail and back again to pro-life in is 2008 run.

I guess it all does come dow to honesty. Who can you trust with our security? Have we now moved into a time when honesty about a candidate’s social beliefs is a litmus test for his honesty as opposed to a reason to support or oppose a candidate for his policy ideas? Very interesting shift in the in conservatives’ eyes in the role of government away from the neoconservative views espoused over the last seven years then A welcome change, I might add.

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